symplr Notification Service Terms and Conditions


symplr offers a Notification Service that provides your healthcare organization with the ability to send out information via text messaging. By opting in to the Notification Service, you confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions, and you provide consent to receive recurring messages from your organization until you opt out, as described below.

symplr and the wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Message and data rates may apply for any messages sent to you from symplr and to symplr from you. Message frequency varies depending on several factors unique to your organization. If you have any questions about your text or data plan, or your rates, contact your wireless carrier.

Description of the Notification Service

symplr uses a Notification Service that allows authorized staff at your organization to send SMS (“short code”) text messages to selected employees. Messages may include offers of available shifts to work, information regarding upcoming shifts, or other announcements.

Enrolling and Opting In

Using the Notification Service is optional for you. You voluntarily enroll in the Notification Service and supply a mobile phone number (if assistance is needed, see a manager or other internal resource).

Once enrolled, a verification text message prompts you to opt in by replying with YES or to opt out (decline) by replying with STOP (or CANCEL). A follow-up text confirms your response. If you change the supplied mobile number to a different number, the verification and opt-in/opt-out process is repeated.

While opted in, messages you receive may have a prompt to action (such as to reply in the specified manner to request a shift) or may begin with NO REPLY, which indicates an informational message.

Opting Out

Once opted in, you can opt out of the Notification Service at any time by texting STOP to the short code. After opting out, a confirmation message is sent to you, and you will no longer receive SMS messages via the Notification Service.

Once opted out, you can opt in again at any time by texting YES to the short code.

Assistance and Privacy

If you have questions or are experiencing issues with the Notification Service, you can text HELP to the short code to receive assistance, or you can get help directly at or If you have any questions regarding privacy, please read our privacy policy at