Do you have an alignment strategy with your remote CVO?

Remote and contracted work has become the norm, even for credentialing verification organization (CVO) staff—once thought to be essential in-house employees.

For some roles like primary source verification, credentialing, or enrollment in a CVO, there may be no going back to the pre-pandemic norm of commuting daily to a brick and mortar hospital or healthcare administrative site. Yet there are key considerations to ensure your remote CVO staff—or those of your third-party CVO—are aligned.

Get the blueprint for addressing common data management and technology challenges in any outsourced work arrangement.

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Learn how:

  • CVOs, performing critical business processes that affect the organization's bottom line, require significant technological resources regardless of their physical location.
  • Specific points of vulnerability exist in every system. For CVOs, those key areas include data or document source, viewing authorization, transmission method security, and data or document storage. 

  • Using a single, shared, credentialing database fosters efficiency and security for remote CVO staff.

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