The Complete Guide to Performance Improvement Focused Peer Review

In medical peer review, physicians and advanced practice providers evaluate the quality of their colleagues’ work for both punitive and non-punitive review to meet or exceed prevailing standards of care and to self-improve. Under value-based payment models, reimbursement is tied to value, amplifying peer review’s importance.


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  • How did we arrive at today’s model of medical peer review, and how does it work?
  • How does peer review at payer organizations differ and why?
  • What three main processes contribute to provider performance and evaluation in health systems?

How can health systems achieve truly performance-improvement focused peer review and drive optimal patient outcomes? Today, the medical community is beginning to understand that medical peer review is designed to be an unbiased evaluation tool to help providers self-improve and to increase the quality of care patients receive. Done well, it’s a valuable tool for both the medical staff and the hospital.

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