The Complete Guide: How to Execute an Effective Risk Assessment Strategy

Get tangible guidance and templates for risk assessments at your organization.ebook_The_Complete_Guide_How_to_Execute_an_Effective_Risk_Assessment_Strategy_staged

Are you confident that your current assessments are proactive, complete, and built to prevent violations? 

If you have difficulty finding the time and resources to appropriately research the regulations, write assessment questions, and meet with department leaders, this guide is for you. It walks through the four steps of developing an effective risk assessment strategy:

  1. Defining the scope of the assessment

  2. Conducting the assessment

  3. Managing the risks identified in the assessment

  4. Reporting the results

We've gathered insights from across the industry, including over 20 years of experience helping customers navigate risk assessments to bring you this resource. 


In this guide, you'll find: 

  • Guidance for a proactive approach to regulatory compliance
  • A breakdown of the Department of Justice, OIG, and CMS standards 
  • The most common areas to assess 
  • A step-by-step guide to developing a risk assessment strategy at your organization
  • Best practices for leveraging technology for risk assessments 
  • Four templated question sets for use at your organization