Patient-Centered Staffing: How a Health System Successfully Transitioned

Gain actionable insights from a Chief Nursing Officer who led a successful transition to patient-centered staffing

As health systems transition from acuity-based to patient-centered staffing models, there are a lot of factors to consider. A successful transition must marry productivity with quality of care to ensure the best outcomes.

Originally published in American Nurse Today, this article outlines SwedishAmerican Hospital’s successful transition to patient-centeredreport_Patient_Centered_Staffing_as_the_Way_Forward_staged staffing. This insightful Q&A with Ann Gantzer, PhD, RN, chief nursing officer and vice president of patient services uncovers:

  • Nuances of patient-centered staffing
  • Tips for a smooth transition
  • The critical partnership between financial and nursing teams
  • The importance of intentionally selecting tools that support your success
  • Four key words of advice to fellow healthcare leaders