symplr Reference Program



Customer satisfaction, partnership, and loyalty are highly valued at symplr. The symplr Reference Program is an invitation-only program that offers you a great way to highlight your exceptional application of symplr solutions and help a colleague do the same. The symplr reference program seeks to connect a prospective buyer with an existing customer to gain insight into product functionality, best practices, and the symplr experience.



The process is straightforward and you’ll retain control over when you can help and how frequently. We will align a prospect with an existing customer that matches similar product use and demographics and we will always inquire about your willingness to help with a specific conversation. You can feel free to share as much or as little information about your use of the product as you see fit. If you are asked any questions that you cannot (or won’t) answer, that’s fine – just refer them back to the symplr team and we’ll take care of it.

We also often seek out volunteers to help in other ways – by contributing quotes, testimonials, stories, or even partnering with us to present at selected tradeshows. This can be a GREAT way to show off your work and even build your personal brand. As a reference, you might have the opportunity to participate in this way as well.

By participating in symplr’s Reference Program, you agree to allow symplr to use your name in marketing and Reference Program materials and to list your organization (including logo) as a reference in related materials such as RFIs and RFPs, reference customer lists, and presentations.



Reference Customer
  • Engage with prospective or current customers in response to questions regarding best practices, product functionality, and your symplr experience in an honest and professional manner. 
  • Include participants on the call with appropriate knowledge of the products and processes being discussed.   
  • Obtain senior leadership participation periodically if needed. 
  • Respond timely to requests for reference activity. 
  • Confirm that the reference activity occurred with your symplr contact. 



  • Ensure that the request aligns with the reference customer’s processes and use of symplr solutions. 
  • Engage reference customers on the request and obtain approval prior to sharing individual  contact information. 
  • Coordinate with both parties to schedule reference activity at mutually agreed-upon dates and times. 
  • Provide details on the requesting organization's discussion points, questions, and participants. 
  • Track participation activity to ensure reference customer is not overburdened with requests. 
  • Track reference customer incentives 


Benefits of Participation

Reference customers are given the opportunity to engage with leaders in their industry, expanding their personal and professional networks while building their personal brand. symplr looks to its reference customers when other networking, promotional, and educational opportunities arise.  In appreciation of the time and effort to support your peers needing reference activity, you will earn points based on your activity with symplr, which can be redeemed for different benefits. 


Reference Points

Upon completion of reference activities, symplr will allocate reference points in accordance with the Reference Incentive Table below.  symplr will maintain a record of the reference points that have been allocated and redeemed and you may request your reference point balance at any time. Reference points will only be allocated for Reference Activities initiated by symplr and expire 3 years from when they were acquired.


Reference Incentive Table




Complete a reference call  


Complete an on-site reference visit 



Reference points may be redeemed in accordance with their redemption value as listed in the Reference Point Redemption Table below. Any redemption that involves a discount to the purchase price of a product or service must be applied within the symplr order form or other ordering document between symplr and reference customer at the time of purchase and may not be applied after the order has been executed.


Reference Point Redemption Table




Any combination of the following:  

  • 20% off a new purchase of training 
  • 20% off the first year of a new product subscription 
  • 15% off a new services engagement


Any combination of the following:  

  • 25% off a new purchase of training
  • 25% off the first year of a new product subscription
  • 15% off a new services engagement


Credit of $100 per point to new or existing subscription/service invoice  

Example:  After 3 reference calls, the reference customer would have accumulated 15 points and could redeem those 15 points for a 20% discount on a purchase.   If the customer accumulates 50 points, they could redeem them for a $5000 credit to be used on a pending invoice.


Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations on being selected to participate in symplr’s Reference Program! We are thrilled to have you as part of our family and appreciate your willingness to help both symplr and your fellow leaders. Thank you for being as passionate about healthcare operations as we are! 

Last updated: July 13, 2023