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Solve your credentialing challenges fast, with an expert partner

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CVO Services | symplr CVO

Solve your credentialing challenges fast, with an expert partner

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We help you navigate the complexities of credentialing, enrollment, primary source verification, and more


Take the stress out of credentialing

Costly mistakes happen when credentialing and enrollment professionals are under pressure. symplr CVO’s Primary Source Verification Services provide the focus and fortitude to conduct your primary source verification quickly and accurately.

Achieve faster reimbursement

symplr CVO’s Payer Enrollment Services enroll your applicants into federal, state, and commercial payer insurance plans. The result: Hassle-free enrollment and faster reimbursement for the care and services your providers deliver.

Shorten the licensure application process

There’s no uniform, nationwide process for multistate licensure, making it overly complex, especially for telehealth services. We know how to quickly and expertly navigate each state’s requirements.
Services and guidance that enable healthcare operations

Make credentialing the cornerstone of safety

Today's technology easily enables healthcare providers or impostors to exaggerate or fabricate qualifications. Our team knows that thorough credentialing is the starting point of safe, quality healthcare delivery. symplr CVO’s Primary Source Verification Services, Payer Enrollment Services, and State Licensure Services are accurate and scalable: Our powerful algorithms pair with highly experienced professionals to ensure accurate information verification and fast application submission.

We go directly to the data source and speed turnaround times so you make informed decisions that protect patients, providers, and the organization. We add compliance firepower to your team or take full delegated responsibility for your credentialing and enrollment. We’re NCQA certified and have served healthcare organizations since 2009.


A clear path to faster applications and reimbursements


Achieve true provider satisfaction

Satisfied providers are productive and loyal to your organization. Take the weight off of your credentialing team and your providers while cutting application turnaround times.

Expedite enrollments with less stress

We complete credentialing and enrollment applications twice as fast as in-house teams and eliminate your stress about follow-up with payers.

Meet compliance standards for peace of mind

Regardless of the accrediting body, state, or federal agency whose regulations your organization must adhere to, we streamline and safeguard the primary source verification process.
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