symplr Supply Chain Suite

Integrated vendor credentialing and value analysis

Create a supplier management ecosystem that guarantees vendor credentialing compliance and enforces new product policies.

Verify compliance in vendor credentialing and value analysis

symplr's Supply Chain Suite connects the dots between vendor decision support, credentialing compliance, and new product introduction. Ensure the products you introduce are value-based and properly evaluated.


Supply Chain Suite

symplr Access

Vendor credentialing compliance

Connecting the right people at the right moment can save time, improve outcomes, and ultimately impact lives. Promote a culture of compliance and streamline vendor management with advanced credentialing and verification technology.

Key Capabilities

  • Internet-free credentialing and check-in technology permits fast access for compliant vendors
  • On-demand dashboards provide critical credentialing and vendor access data for compliance monitoring
  • Background checks, OIG exclusion screening, and custom immunization credentialing tools
  • Comprehensive reporting keeps data at your fingertips for audits and strategic, system-level reporting

Key Benefits

  • Manage vendor relationships and check-ins, both in person and virtually
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements with a strong audit trail for vendor interactions
  • Keep your staff and patients safe, ensuring only compliant vendors enter your facilities

symplr Spend

Value analysis and decision support

A new product is an instrument that can affect costs, quality, patient outcomes, and lives. Rigorously evaluate medical technology, engage physicians, and connect stakeholders across your supply chain with automation, collaborative workflows, and product data.

Key Capabilities

  • Compare products and product equivalents using pricing, contract identification, FDA recall and MAUDE events data
  • Detects duplicate product requests and price variances across the system
  • Access objective clinical evidence research with digestible summaries and clinical ratings
  • Robust product library with 300,000+ unique SKUs that aggregates product education and product data

Key Benefits

  • Introduce value-based, rigorously evaluated products and achieve better oversight of all vendor relationships
  • Drive value and transparency by standardizing products and achieving meaningful cost savings across your system
  • Engage physicians in the value analysis process, driving a clinically integrated supply chain
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The symplr Supply Chain Suite

Digitally transform your organization to automate your compliance policies, increase capacity, and reduce costly resources.

What our symplr Supply Chain customers are saying

With symplr, we didn’t just get an out-of-the-box credentialing solution; we got a credentialing partner. One as focused on keeping our facilities compliant and secure as we are, and who is responsive to our needs. With symplr Access, we can confidently meet the requests of the Joint Commission auditor with accurate and reliable access reports.


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