symplr Compliance Survey Management

Securely collect and manage comprehensive evidence of compliance to demonstrate the effectiveness of your compliance program.

As part of the holistic, flexible, and secure symplr Compliance suite, Survey Management provides the essential, custom survey tools required to document evidence of compliance across your enterprise as a crucial component of your risk assessment processes and build a culture of compliance.

  • Know your regulatory stance at all times by documenting proof of compliance for conflict of interest, research, audits, or any recurring regulatory activity across your entire enterprise
  • Make the right decisions at the right time with a system that enables you to easily handle large-volume data gathering with multi-cycle and multi-iteration processing
  • Get the information you need, when you need it through the creation of custom surveys for any purpose, including conflict of interest, code of conduct, employee engagement, chart auditing, HR surveys, anonymous polling, vendor compliance, or targeted department reviews
  • Collect data from identified respondents or anonymously to support a reprisal-free reporting environment, giving you a true picture of your risk

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