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Create a supplier management ecosystem that guarantees vendor credentialing compliance, enforces new product policies, and streamlines the contract lifecycle process.

Addressing your most pressing challenges in supply chain

Supply chain leaders are marred by pandemic-induced supply chain shortages, inflation, strained operating margins, and ever-evolving regulatory drivers. As a direct result, leaders are faced with significant pressure to digitally transform their organization to protect spending and build a resilient supply chain.

symplr offers solutions and services backed by healthcare experts, empowering supply chain leaders like you to thrive.


Supply Chain Solutions

symplr Access

Vendor credentialing compliance

Promote a culture of compliance and streamline vendor management with advanced credentialing and verification technology.

Key Capabilities 

  • Internet-free credentialing and check-in technology permits fast access for compliant vendors.
  • Background checks, OIG exclusion screening, and custom immunization credentialing tools.
  • On-demand dashboards provide critical credentialing and vendor access data for compliance monitoring. 
  • Comprehensive reporting keeps data at your fingertips for audits and strategic, system-level reporting.

Key Benefits

  •  Manage vendor relationships and check-ins, both in person and virtually. 
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements with a strong audit trail for vendor interactions. 
  • Gain crucial insights into vendor interactions to protect physician billable time.
  • Keep your staff and patients safe, ensuring only compliant vendors enter your facilities.

symplr Spend

Value analysis and decision support

Get decision support and data for medical devices, capital equipment, and purchased services to make evidence-based decisions.

Key Capabilities

  • Centralized new product requests
  • Collaborative value analysis workflows
  • Physician engagement tools
  • Product research and comparisons
  • Clinical evidence assessments
  • Executive reporting
  • Recall tracking
  • Financial benchmarking and analysis
  • RFP issuance
  • Quote comparisons and negotiation services

Key Benefits

  • Pinpoint critical areas for savings across the supply chain ecosystem that have a bigger impact on margins.
  • Create a united front for supplier interactions and contract negotiations.
  • Reduce duplicate spend and cost variance across the health system.
  • Streamline evidence-based decision making and support patient outcomes with unbiased data at your fingertips.

symplr Contract

Contract lifecycle management

Protect revenue, mitigate risk, and sustain a robust process with smart healthcare contact workflows and built-in compliance mechanisms.

Key Capabilities

  • Outline user permissions and assign user types to all users. 
  • Alert contract owners and stakeholders when renewals are coming due. 
  • Leverage custom, automated workflow builder + prebuilt, healthcare specific workflows.  
  • Third-party API connectivity to DocuSign, ERPs and Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Track providers’ time, keep records of gifts, and evaluate vendors on quality and safety standards.

Key Benefits  

  • Monitor and manage historical and active contracts in one, collaborative, centralized location. 
  • Protect revenue with governance, tools, and a streamlined contract management process across supply chain and provider contracting needs. 
  • Build and sustain a robust, compliant process while meeting ever-changing federal and state requirements specific to healthcare. 

What our symplr Supply Chain customers are saying

With symplr, we didn’t just get an out-of-the-box credentialing solution; we got a credentialing partner. One as focused on keeping our facilities compliant and secure as we are, and who is responsive to our needs. With symplr Access, we can confidently meet the requests of the Joint Commission auditor with accurate and reliable access reports.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER (symplr Access customer)

Strong Memorial Hospital
symplr has been a game changer for our Value Analysis program since implementation. We have been able to create more proficient workflows, revamp the way we track our spending, and most importantly, utilize the product comparison tools when making key decisions. All our team members, from reimbursement to Nurse Managers, believe symplr has been a great addition to our organization.


Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare
The sheer volume of contracts that we need to manage is overwhelming. I also review contracts that come through supply chain, and if I didn’t have symplr, it would be very difficult to keep up with the volume coming through every day. I save at least 10-15 hours a week since everything is in one place, and I don’t have to track down contracts anymore. Having it in one place allows us to easily control and maintain proper oversight.

STAFF ATTORNEY (symplr Contract customer)

2-Location Health System in the Midwestern U.S.


reduction in vendor non-compliance


physician participation achieved


savings on capital equipment


less time spent managing contracts

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