symplr Relocates Headquarters to Houston’s Theatre District

Healthcare Software Company Expands Office Space, Enhances Employee Culture, Increases Accessibility to Clients in Houston’s Medical Center

symplr®, a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) based healthcare compliance and credentialing solutions, recently relocated from north Houston to the first floor of a sleek, modern office building on Capitol Street in downtown Houston. Designed by Kit Bolling of Kansas-based bnb Design, the nearly 18,000 square foot office provides ample room for comfortable work spaces and employee perks that inspire productivity and creativity.

"It was important that we designed our headquarters to adequately represent the ambition of the symplr team and provide room for all employees to collaborate.” - Rick Pleczko, President and CEO, symplr

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 "We chose the spacious office on Capitol Street because of its central location in Houston, its proximity to the Texas Medical Center where many of our clients are located, and the buzzing downtown energy that infiltrates the office and inspires innovative work,” said Rick Pleczko, President and CEO of symplr. “Over the past several years symplr has expanded all over the U.S. with offices in Nashville, Kansas City, Florida with many employees working remotely as well. It was important that we designed our headquarters to adequately represent the ambition of the symplr team and provide room for all employees to collaborate.”

symplr is a modern, progressive technology company that understands the needs of today’s mobile professional and that a modern worker’s most valuable commodity is time. The company also recognizes that modern employees often struggle to juggle work and home responsibilities in addition to lengthened commutes, especially in the urban sprawl of Houston. With that in mind, over the past five years symplr has moved to a flexible scheduling model with more opportunities to work remotely and from home, and now employs nearly 90 fully remote workers in 30 states.

Still, symplr recognized the need to balance digital meetings and conference calls with face-to-face time in the office. The company designed the new Houston office with conveniences like hoteling stations for employees visiting the corporate office from other areas, free downtown parking, monetary stipends for commuting, free beverages and snacks in the spacious office dining area, as well as regularly catered breakfasts and lunches.

“We want our team to enjoy coming to work,” said Greg Hall, Director of Business Operations at symplr. “One of our corporate tenets written on our lobby wall states, ‘Life is short.’ While we expect symplr employees to work hard for our clients, we want our culture in the workplace to be pleasant, comfortable, and fun.”

“This is one of the nicest office spaces we have ever done here in Houston,” said Jay van Kessel, the Project Foreman for Capital Reconstruction Inc. (CRI), who won the bid as the contractor for the build out. “The effort to incorporate the natural light from the back wall of windows into the entire space took some brilliant architectural design. We don’t typically see that attention to detail when finishing office spaces. It was obvious to us at CRI that symplr cares a great deal about their people.”

Kit Bolling, owner and partner at bnb design, understood symplr’s vision and along with the bnb team’s expertise created a space that includes all of the features the symplr team asked for and more.

 “Connecting the two very different areas into one congruent office space that also projected the natural light to the occupied spaces was the challenge of this project from the outset. We removed the dropped ceiling and exposed the full height of the windows highlighting the view of the adjacent Ferris wheel in downtown Houston. This created an engaging backdrop in the relaxing café galley area of the office space,” Bolling said. “Overall, we created a relaxed and functional environment that engages employees increasing their productivity and work satisfaction.”

symplr leads the industry in simple, easy-to-implement compliance and credentialing software and services for the healthcare industry. Over the past five years, symplr has expanded its product offering, client base and partner community leading to recognition by the Houston Business Journal, Deloitte and Inc. Magazine for continued growth.

About symplr
Founded in 2006, symplr is an industry leader in compliance and credentialing Software as a Service solutions that help healthcare organizations mitigate risk and ensure compliance. symplr, has a single mission: to make healthcare compliance and credentialing simpler for all constituents of the healthcare community. For more information or to contact symplr, visit or (866) 373-9725.

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