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New York, New York and Houston, Texas August 23 -- symplr, a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS)  healthcare compliance and credentialing solutions, and CredSimple, a leading cloud-based CVO platform, have partnered to enable Cactus and Vistar users   to — with the click of a button — instantly and securely pass provider information to and from CredSimple for credentialing and re-credentialing.

CredSimple developed the Credentials Verification Cloud, the first multi-tenant cloud-based Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) platform. Clients can “outsource” the credentialing process to the CredSimple platform where provider credentials are completed within five days on average (once applications are complete). The proprietary technology that enables this industry-leading credentialing experience was developed by CredSimple and is driven by data science algorithms and an intelligent workflows

“CredSimple’s innovative technology-driven approach provides an extremely attractive CVO solution for users of our Cactus and Vistar provider management platforms,” said Rick Pleczko, CEO at symplr. “The integration between our products significantly and cost-effectively reduces credentialing cycle time.”

"We reimagined what the credentialing process could be in the future,” said Mike Simmons, CredSimple founder and CEO, “an instant, compliant and continuous process, rather than a heavy-lift with repetitive, labor-intensive tasks and a 90-day turnaround time. We built the technology from the ground up to lead the industry to that future."

About CredSimple

Founded in 2013, CredSimple is an NCQA-certified, cloud-based CVO platform that provides a compliant and easy-to-deploy credentialing process. CredSimple clients enjoy an industry-leading 5-day average turnaround time.

For more information visit or (866) 688-8881.

About symplr

Founded in 2006, symplr is an industry leader in compliance and credentialing Software as a Service solutions that help healthcare organizations mitigate risk and ensure compliance. symplr has a single mission: to make healthcare compliance and credentialing simpler for all constituents of the healthcare community. For more information visit or (866) 373-9725.

For symplr media inquiries, contact Carrie Ward, 832-407-5347.

For CredSimple media inquiries, contact Elaine Ormonde-Hua, or (866) 688-8881.

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