Cactus Named Midas Data Migration Partnership Program Vendor

In September 2016, Midas announced the discontinuation of Seeker product maintenance and support effective December 31, 2021. We continue to encourage our clients to explore credentialing solutions that will meet their credentialing needs.

In an effort to support our Seeker clients toward an efficient and effective transition to an alternative vendor of their choice, we have established the Seeker Data Migration Partnership Program. The goal of the Program is to work with vendors in the credentialing marketplace to enable migration of provider data from the Seeker database to a participating vendor's credentialing solution as seamlessly as possible.

While Midas is open to evaluating many possible vendors for participation in the Program, we will not be making any evaluation of the appropriateness and adequacy of the vendor's credentialing solution's features and functionality. The Midas design and development team will work with each vendor in the Program to develop a data migration solution. This data migration process will allow our Seeker clients to move all standard and custom data fields and attachments from Seeker to the participating vendor's credentialing solution.

At this time we are pleased to announce that Cactus Software has become a participating vendor in the Program. A division of symplr, Cactus Software specializes in the development and support of credentialing and provider management software for hospitals, managed care organizations, CVOs, and physician groups. In April 2016, Cactus merged with symplr, a leader in healthcare credentialing and compliance solutions. To learn more about Cactus, please visit To make direct contact to discuss Cactus credentialing options, email

The Midas team is available to answer any questions that you have regarding the scheduled discontinuation of product maintenance and support for the Midas Seeker solution. Please feel free to contact your designated Account Executive or Client Success Manager for any additional information you may need.

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