Glossary of Healthcare Operations Terms

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Access Management

What is Access Management?

Access management in healthcare focuses on ensuring safe, compliant access to facilities at every point of entry through security protocols, validating credentials, and performing background checks for vendors, medical sales reps, and volunteers.

In what context is Access Management applicable?

Access management tools in healthcare confirms that everyone who is accessing a hospital or health system has been verified and credentialed before entry to ensure only authorized visitors and vendors can gain access to a particular facility.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the primary goal of access management?
The primary goal of access management is to ensure secure and efficient entry to healthcare facilities for authorized personnel through rigorous credentialing. This process aims to safeguard patient care and data, uphold compliance, and streamline operations by managing the access rights of employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.
What are the two most common types of access control?
The two most common types of access control in the context of healthcare facility management involve credential-based access control, which authenticates and authorizes individuals based on verified credentials for specific roles like visitors, vendors, and contractors, and presence tracking, which monitors and records the entry, exit, and purpose of visit of all personnel within the facility to ensure safety, compliance, and efficient operation.
What is the strongest form of access control?
The strongest form of access control is a comprehensive, integrated system that combines advanced credential verification with real-time presence tracking. This approach ensures that only individuals with verified credentials and a clear, authorized purpose are granted access to healthcare facilities.
What is the simplest form of access control?
The simplest form of access control it facilitates would be credential-based access. This method involves verifying the credentials of visitors, vendors, and contractors before granting them access to specific areas within healthcare facilities.