symplr at AONL Annual Conference


March 30 - April 2, 2025 | Boston



symplr at AONL 2024: Empowering nursing leaders

At the AONL 2024 Annual Conference in New Orleans, symplr showcased our commitment to empowering nursing leaders through streamlined healthcare operations. Our focus? Liberating caregivers from administrative burdens to prioritize patient care.

Though the conference has concluded, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. Explore our solutions designed to support nurse leaders in optimizing healthcare operations and enhancing patient care. thumbnail 1920_1080

Explore Your source for nursing resources and inspiration

Visit for valuable resources and content celebrating nurses and nurse leaders making a lasting impact in your nursing workforce. As part of our offering, explore the Moments that Matter campaign, presented annually in partnership with The DAISY Foundation. Nominate an exceptional nurse who goes above and beyond for their patients to be featured in symplr's 2024 Moments that Matter campaign.


Read our 2023 COMPASS Report: Clinician & IT Alignment in Healthcare Operations

Our 2023 Compass Report reveals the gap between what clinicians’ and IT professionals' top priorities and challenges are in healthcare operations. It also sheds light on how they can align to improve efficiency, reduce burnout, and enable the best possible patient care. 

Key findings:  

  • 67% of clinicians and 48% of IT pros say their healthcare operations software provides a difficult user experience  
  • 84% of clinicians agree they could redirect more time to patient care if their healthcare operations technologies were streamlined

Let's Simplify Healthcare. Together.

At symplr, we understand nurse leaders' challenges in healthcare operations. We offer tailored solutions to streamline tasks, enhance team collaboration, and prioritize patient safety. Our goal is to empower nurse leaders to focus on patient care. Ready to simplify your operations and prioritize patient well-being with symplr?