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Hassle-free enrollment and faster reimbursement. 

The Payer Enrollment Services team at symplrCVO specializes in enrolling your applicants into federal, state, and commercial payer insurance plans. The result? Faster reimbursement for the care and services your practitioners deliver.



The revenue cycle starts here. We ensure that your applications are completed accurately and quickly and the appropriate information is filed with plans to help speed the credentialing process.

Because all subsequent payments in the lifecycle of practitioner services flow from enrollment with payers, hearing a “no” can result in loss of revenue. If there’s ever a place to partner with the experts, it’s at the enrollment stage with symplr Payer Enrollment Services.

symplrCVO’s customers are hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes who seek our expertise in:

  • Initial and recredentialing primary source verification
  • Licensure and sanctions monitoring
  • Background screening
  • Model policy and procedure consulting
  • Medical licensure services
  • Initial and recredentialing - hospital/facility submission
  • Initial payer enrollment and maintenance (new practice, onboarding, Part A – RHC, FQHC, Facility, Part B)
  • CAQH maintenance
  • M&A and practitioner relocation enrollment
  • Consulting services

We do the work for you.

With payer enrollment services help from symplrCVO, we do the work for you. With available bi-weekly updates on the status of all your practitioners and an online portal to help you track along with us, we make it easy to know the status of all of your providers at a glance.

We're on it.

Efficiency is the name of the game once symplrCVO’s Payer Enrollment Services gets your practitioner information. After that, we’ll stay on the ball until providers are par with all requested payers. Outsourcing your provider enrollment services has never been easier with an expert team on your side.

Benefits of Payor Enrollment Services from symplr

Completed Applications Icon

Get Applications Completed Twice as Fast as In-House Teams

Each application is handled by a dedicated expert with experience in your area of practice and state insurance exchange.

Real-time Status Icon

Know the Status of Every Application in Real Time

You get access to a live portal online, updated with notes and statuses of every application in real time.

Follow-up Icon

Never Stress Again About Following up with Payors

We follow up with payers regularly and don’t stop until your doctors are enrolled.

Things moving forward Icon

Have Complete Confidence that Things are Moving Forward

Experience fast, easy access to customer service for any questions.


Simplify Payer Enrollment Icon

Simplify Payor Enrollment for New Providers

All necessary information is collected up font. Then we get right to work taking care of enrollment until the job is done.

Streamline Costs Icon

Streamline Costs and Financial Planning

You pay one price per application. You get predictable costs and never worry about surprise enrollment expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to enroll my providers through your payor enrollment services?

We charge a flat rate per application, and keep working at it regardless of how long it takes, or how many times we have to follow up with the payor.

Once you start working with us, you only pay once per application.

Every healthcare organization is a bit different, so we’ll provide you with a quote and proposal. Your price per application will always stay the same, so you can easily plan your costs whenever you onboard a new doctor or surgeon, or need to renew your applications.

What happens if a practitioner application takes a long time to be approved?

We will follow up regularly with payers and give you a detailed report every two weeks. You’ll always know the status of pending applications.

Sometimes provider enrollment can get delayed, and sometimes payers are slow to respond. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we have an escalation process for stalled enrollment applications.

Using our extensive network of contacts at payers across the United States, we’ll work diligently in escalating your application.

What kinds of provider enrollment needs are you able to assist with?
  • Initial provider enrollment (Payor Enrollment for New Provider)
  • Re-credentialing & re-validation
  • Relocation
  • Merger & Acquisition Onboarding
  • Rural Healthcare Enrollment
  • Organizational/institutional provider enrollment management and consulting services


I have a backlog of claims on hold, can you help with this too?

We know physician insurance enrollment can be slow and unnecessarily complex. You just want your practitioner to be able to start treating patients. Now you have millions in backlogged claims on hold, and deadlines are coming up.

You’re not alone – this is a common issue. Luckily, our team deals with it all the time.

When we take over your practitioner enrollment, we’ll work with you to review your claims on hold and validate the status of enrollment. We’ll get your providers enrolled quickly and accurately.

I have pending applications with errors, are you able to help me?

Sometimes it’s a simple typo, other times, the consultant you originally hired to manage your physician enrollment made bad mistakes. To the insurance company, it’s all the same; they deny your application and don’t respond to requests.

We’ve seen these kinds of mistakes happen many times for our new clients.

Our team will take a look at every application, correct the issues, re-submit to the insurer, and follow up until your physicians are enrolled.

How much does it cost and how do I get things started?

The first step is to request a quote and speak with one of our experts.

We’ll connect you with an enrollment consultant who specializes in your region and specific area of practice. They will handle your applications from start to finish.

Send them a message, and they’ll get in touch with you to collect all the information in one call.

Once we have what we need, your job is done. We’ll keep working to enroll your providers, and you’ll stay updated every step of the way.

Yep, it’s that easy. Let’s get started. Request a quote below.

Need more support? Explore payer enrollment consulting services.

Combine symplrCVO and consulting services to fulfill your complete needs for credentialing, payer/provider enrollment, and contract management. Our experienced consultants help you define a customized strategy that optimizes time management and operational efficiency. Consulting services include:

Practice Start Up

symplr understands the complexities of opening a practice. We can walk you through each step required for payor enrollment processes for a successful practice startup.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer advice and counsel, support, and a structured, disciplined approach to provider integration. symplr knows what to expect and how you should respond. We help you maintain momentum and keep your integration on track.

Operational Turnaround

A business at any stage of growth may require a turnaround or pivot of its core strategy. Growth means change, and change can be challenging. symplr is well-equipped to collaborate with your management team in many areas:

• Reduce claim days on-hold

• Evaluate and diagnose procedural issues

• System recommendations

• Recruitment, HR, billing alignment

• Eliminate duplicate activity

• Improve communications

• Build incentives for staff

Departmental Turnaround

symplr can help you regain control over failing departments and transform dysfunction into an operationally streamlined business process that drives bottom-line results.

Staff Training

Without proper guidance and education, your employees can’t perform at the level you expect. symplr can work with you to set up an effective training program.

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