Vendor Credentialing & Visitor Management

Easily manage facility access, reduce risk, and ensure compliance  with healthcare's trusted vendor credentialing partner. 


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Vendor Credentialing and Visitor Management Tailored to You

With symplr, it's easy for vendors, visitors, service providers, contractors, and anyone entering your facility to be fully compliant with your policies and credential requirements. With customizable access levels and dedicated support, vendors quickly get the access they need. Visitors experience fast and easy check in to see their loved ones receiving care. And you can ensure compliance, efficiency, and the safety of staff and patients.



Vendor Credentialing

With mobile check-in and dedicated vendor support, we take the stress out of managing vendors.

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Visitor Management

Protect your facility and patients with our easy-to-use, web-based visitor management.

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General Credentialing

Screen and verify anyone: service providers, contractors, researchers, consultants & volunteers.

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symplrPass_img_lp2Know who's on-site and in compliance at a glance.

Managing vendors and visitors coming in and out of a facility – or an entire health system – is a big job. Patient safety, efficiency, and compliance are at stake.

Our flexible vendor credentialing, general credentialing, and visitor management systems make it easy for you, your staff, vendors and visitors to your facility. With hardware and software solutions – like symplrPass™, a revolutionary, easy-to-use check in station and a mobile app for facility administrators and vendors alike – checking in and out of your facility is simple.


Easy for you. Easy for vendors, app

With symplr, you set all of your facility's criteria and access levels for vendors entering your facility.

Vendors work directly with us to ensure that they are meeting requirements and get their credentials. Our smartphone app allows vendors to check in and out, schedule appointments, manage their credentials on the go, and more. 

"I prefer using symplr. Being able to swipe my badge helps make signing in much faster."

- Sheri Molitor, Acelity


Thorough credentialing & background checks.

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Our goals are the same as yours: keeping patients and staff safe while making it easy to be in compliance – and we take them just as seriously as you do. That's why we have a dedicated, hands-on team that reviews every uploaded vendor credential.  Plus, every single symplr vendor undergoes an annual background check and OIG-compliant exclusion screening at no extra cost. It's just part of our commitment to safety and compliance.


Compliance tracking & reporting at your fingertips.


symplr's dashboards make vendor and visitor check-in activity easily accessible, so you and your team can quickly assess compliance with your facility policies. Plus, our real-time data log reporting makes it easy to satisfy auditing requirements of governing entities like The Joint Commission and DNV.


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Best-in-class support, for everyone.

We believe in providing the best support possible for our customers. When you call us, you'll talk to a real person. Our vendor support team is on-hand to make sure that vendors get the support they need, too: to ensure that they get the access they need, and your credentialing program keeps running smoothly.



ebook_five best practices for your vendor management program

Read: Five Best Practices for Your Vendor Management Program

From our years of evaluating and implementing vendor management programs, we've compiled the top best practices to consider. Whether your program is new or has been in place for years, these tips will help ensure your program is achieving compliance and working well for your staff and vendors.

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