COVID-19 Resources & Updates from symplr

Below, you'll find resources for symplr customers and our larger healthcare community alike - we're in this together.
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For Vendor Credentialing Customers

As healthcare facilities manage to an ever-changing situation, we're dedicated to being your partner and ensuring the health of your staff and patients.

For Vendor Credentialing Administrators

For Vendors

For Workforce Management Customers

As the response to COVID-19 grows, you may be challenged to approach your pay policies, staffing practices, and reporting the impact of the pandemic in different ways.
We are here to help. Our solutions are highly configurable, and our Workforce Management team has deep experience. Our team is equipped with suggestions and leading practices utilizing existing functionality within your API Healthcare Workforce Management Solutions that may help you during this time.
  • We created a new COVID-19 Forum on Client Connections for our customers to ask questions and share information with each other.
  • View our videos to step through common topics we are hearing from our customers.
  • Read a blog post containing strategies for reviewing staffing and scheduling policies
  • Read a blog post about using a centralized staffing approach 
Customer Support, as always, is ready to answer your individual questions. After reviewing the material, reach out directly by opening a case or calling (866) 472-6810.

For Provider Data Management Customers

Our entire staff remains focused on providing exceptional service to all of our customers in the various healthcare organizations they represent. We know you're doing your part to adhere to the latest protocols to reduce the spread of the virus – which is so critical to our entire nationwide community at this time. If you have questions about our preparedness please contact support. We hope you find these resources helpful.




A message from our CEO

Taking care of our customers is at the core of everything we at symplr do each day. While the evolving COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) situation is presenting challenges and changes to daily life for us all, nothing has changed our approach to supporting our customers: we are here for you. 

Some customers have asked us questions about how symplr is prepared to help as the Coronavirus spreads, especially with regard to technical support availability. The short answer is that we have been proactive and are prepared to keep our support team up and running. symplr is built on a virtual infrastructure that enables our teams to work from anywhere. Whether from home or from the office, our teams will be there for you. 

We also understand that you may be asked to shoulder additional responsibilities in the coming weeks. Please call on us for any level of assistance with items such as:    

  • Expanded remote access to your provider data management system for your team
  • Guidance with implementing any time-limited privileges including emergency or disaster privileges
  • Supplemental or temporary assistance with credentialing applications or enrollment
  • Contingency plans for vendor and visitor management amid limitations and restrictions
  • Improved/optimized enterprise staffing and scheduling during volatile times

We know that your preparation and proactivity will go a long way toward helping your organization mitigate risk and ensure compliance. We would like to assure you that our established infrastructure will enable our staff to work from anywhere they need to be, so you should see no interruption in service. Please call on us if we can assist you.

As I mentioned above, we’re here to support you. No matter what is happening, you can always reach out directly to me at I’ll get back to you right away.

Rick Pleczko, President & CEO

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