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symplr Launches New Provider Credentialing Services Blog Feature

By: symplr on August 29th, 2019

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symplr Launches New Provider Credentialing Services

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Comprised of IntelliCVO Provider Credentialing and symplr’s Payor Enrollment Services, the New Offering Streamlines Customer Processes, Aligns with symplr Provider Management Software Platforms

HOUSTON - symplr®, a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) based healthcare governance, risk management and compliance solutions, today announced a new Provider Credentialing Services arm. The new solution is a result of symplr’s recent IntelliSoft Group acquisition and is comprised of IntelliCVO® provider credentialing verification service and symplr’s Payor Enrollment Services. This comprehensive set of services simplifies payor enrollment and provider credentialing processes and can be joined with symplr’s provider management software platforms to help streamline and optimize the complex provider management processes surrounding credentialing, privileging, quality and performance improvement and peer review for healthcare organizations.

“symplr has proudly provided our healthcare clients with a services team dedicated to ensuring their payor applications are meticulously completed and rigorously followed up on until approved,” said Patrick Birmingham, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Payor Enrollment Services. “With the addition of IntelliCVO, healthcare facilities can expect the same diligence when it comes to their provider credentialing, recredentialing and primary source verification needs. Together, we offer a powerhouse of services.”

The symplr Provider Credentialing Services offering delivers the following benefits:

  • A team of seasoned medical staff professionals with both credentialing and provider/payor enrollment expertise
  • The ability for internal healthcare organizations’ teams to monitor provider credentialing verification and payor enrollment throughout the process
  • A dedicated team solely focused on payor enrollment applications follow up
  • Efficient data management for monitoring sanctions, tracking expirables and updating provider credentialing information
  • Additional services such as ongoing credentialing, privileging and sanctions monitoring
  • Service packages for organizations of all sizes
  • Confidence in expertise: IntelliCVO is NCQA Certified in 9 of 10 verification services

 To learn more about symplr’s new Provider Credentialing Services, contact symplr at hello@symplr.com or (866) 373-9725.

About symplr
Founded in 2006, symplr is an industry leader in compliance and credentialing Software as a Service solutions that help healthcare organizations mitigate risk and ensure compliance. symplr, has a single mission: to make healthcare compliance and credentialing simpler for all constituents of the healthcare community. For more information or to contact symplr, visit http://www.symplr.com/ or (866) 373-9725. 

Media Contact:
Carrie Ward, cward@symplr.com 832-407-5347