Yale New Haven Health Supports M&A Using symplr Provider





BEDS: 2,374 


  • Mission-critical digital transformation for the entire organization

  • Support a value-based care delivery model

  • Increasing consumerism and shrinking operating margins


symplr’s flagship Provider Data Management enables clients to set up a custom architecture of technology, workflows, automation, and processes to achieve the most efficient way to manage and integrate provider profiles for use by multiple teams across the health system.

  • Provider profile management: 10,000 clinicians integrated and 100,000 providers enrolled

  • Location management: 5 hospitals and 20+ practice groups integrated

  • Internal search directory and reporting: 45,000+ provider profile field updates made monthly and 4,000+ unique providers updated each month

Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) is a nonprofit healthcare system in Connecticut, with 11 hospitals; 2,374 beds; and more than 6,700 providers. YNHHS hospitals have ranked among the best in the nation for nine specialties including orthopedics, neurology, and neurosurgery. Additionally, Yale New Haven Hospital serves as the primary teaching hospital for Yale Medical School.



Yale New Haven Health System was soon to embark on a merger process that included several hospitals and thousands of physicians. Yale’s leadership team recognized that they needed a solution enabling them to efficiently and cost effectively manage their provider information within combined legacy systems—including financial, clinical, and credentialing—so the entire health system would have a complete, accurate, and consolidated view of their provider community.

Provider Data Quality

Maintaining accurate information across all of YNHHS’s systems was becoming increasingly challenging as manual, dispersed efforts to keep provider information up to date were not scalable.

Additionally, there was no tracking process to determine when updates were verified, and the system lacked the ability to keep users from overwriting verified data. Incorrect fax numbers were kept manually, also causing major accuracy and privacy issues.

Multiple Legacy Systems

Typically, mission-critical provider information is trapped in legacy, siloed systems, rendering it unable to be managed as a strategic asset across the enterprise or synchronized with clinical, financial, and EHR systems. YNHHS recognized that these issues would be exacerbated during the merger process.

Downstream Effects

When going through the acquisition process, YNHHS recognized that managing provider information would become even more complex and challenging. Without adequate tools and processes, it would be increasingly difficult to keep up with ever-changing provider demographics and information.

symplr Directory’s Role in Supporting the Digital Transformation – Unified Provider Data Platform for Enterprise-wide Provider Management, Search and Data Integration

As Yale New Haven Health System expanded its delivery network, the healthcare organization's leaders made a conscious decision to get ahead of the provider information management challenge using a combination of enhanced organizational and information technology improvements.

Yale New Haven Health System selected symplr Directory (formerly Phynd360) to serve as its enterprise-wide platform to manage all provider data—referring, affiliated, and credentialed.

By creating a centralized resource for all provider data that bi-directionally integrated with the EHR, YNHHS was able to efficiently manage, curate, and validate provider information throughout the merger and acquisition process, and immediately share that data across the enterprise, including with clinical, financial, and EHR systems.

Additionally, after the completion of the merger, YNHHS continued to leverage its provider data management platform to curate all provider information, including managing all network and location data. The decision to enhance the technology has proven beneficial beyond the merger, with departments across the enterprise utilizing the provider data management platform.

symplr Directory Solution

Provider Data Management and Verification Services:

symplr Provider Data Management enables clients to set up a custom architecture of technology, workflows, automation, and processes to have the most efficient way to manage, integrate and fully utilize provider profiles by multiple teams across the entire health enterprise.


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