How Thomas Hospital Infirmary Health Rapidly Unified all Clinical Communication


The continual need for better information security at hospitals, particularly around PHI, means many health system compliance departments are mandating that texting among staff is secure. This is what initially brought Thomas Hospital Infirmary Health in Fairhope, Alabama, to look for a clinical communication solution.

In addition to secure communication, the hospital also sought to improve collaboration. Nurses, constantly on their feet, struggled to track down care team members. They were juggling care delivery with missed pages and callbacks and utilizing pen and paper to track new information… all leading to an excess of unproductive time. Additionally, difficulty in determining who is on-call led to substantial delays in care.





After comparing solutions, Infirmary Health partnered with symplr Communications to use the Clinical Collaboration Platform.™ The cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform unified all clinical communication between care team members.

Through its messaging and native on-call scheduling functionality, reaching an individual, role or team became simple and consistently secure.

Additionally, schedule changes automatically updated in real-time, empowering physicians with autonomy and flexibility while ensuring care team members could reliably contact the right on-call
clinician. For Thomas Hospital, this drastically reduced waste – streamlining communication and clinical workflows.


Through its use of symplr Clinical Communications, the health system saw:
  • 83% reduction in time to coordinate admission from the emergency room to the hospital
  • 67% reduction in steps to coordinate admission from the emergency room to the hospital
  • Reduced delays in care
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Increased clinician satisfaction
  • High adoption rates



symplr’s comprehensive healthcare operations solutions, anchored in governance, risk management, and compliance, enable our enterprise customers to efficiently navigate the unique complexities of integrating critical business operations in healthcare.

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