Changing the game for patients and providers with WebMD and symplr Directory: announcing Care Finder Direct

At symplr, our vision is one in which healthcare organizations have enterprise operational data, trends and processes right at their fingertips–so that optimizations can be made faster and outcomes improved. In alignment with that spirit of optimizing process to deliver better outcomes, I’m thrilled to share that symplr and WebMD have joined forces to better serve consumers by more quickly connecting them with providers. For the first time, consumers can research medical information on the web and find and schedule a provider, all in a single session.   

This faster route to care is coming to life as Care Finder Direct. It combines WebMD’s online health information with symplr Directory’s (formerly Phynd) provider data management, search and direct-to-electronic-health-record (EHR) scheduling.   

Today, health systems must meet patients where they are, with modern ways to access providers. While over three-quarters of us research conditions and treatments online before seeking care, we’ve all been there: finding the right doctor is a manual and frustrating process. Not only does the provider have to be available and conveniently located, but we need to know they take our health plan. Directories are often inaccurate or out of date. On the flipside for providers, existing self-scheduling isn’t connected to the EHR, or isn’t an option at all.  

Add to all this a medical issue that needs to be addressed quickly, and the stress a patient is feeling mounts. Health systems that “crack the code” by offering patients the ability to go from searching for and learning credible, timely health and medical information, to finding and scheduling a doctor's appointment in a few clicks, will be winners. 

Care Finder Direct is that game-changer for patients and provider organizations. It’s a new, SEO-based approach to patient acquisition through WebMD’s trusted consumer content—which reaches over 80 million monthly unique visitors—with symplr’s real-time provider search and direct scheduling in the EHR. WebMD’s content brings consumers in and ensures they find the right doctor for subscribing health systems. Consumers can view individual providers’ availability and choose on an open time slot for direct booking in the EHR—with data populated by symplr Directory—all without leaving WebMD. 

WebMD and symplr’s accurate, continuously curated provider data and self-scheduling in the EHR will mean lower abandonment rates and better results for providers engaging with Care Finder Direct. More importantly, reducing friction for patients to reach the right providers will result in faster care and more positive outcomes—a win for everyone involved. 

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this partnership to market and make life better for patients, providers, and healthcare organizations. For more information on Care Finder Direct and our partnership with WebMD, visit 

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