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The Problem

Hospitals have an obligation to administer superior care to patients that can only be achieved with qualified physicians who are properly privileged. This can be quite complex in a hospital-system environment, as privileges do not necessarily carry across the entire system; creating an overwhelming and staggering load for staff.

Attempting to manage this process by hand is outdated and comes with a deluge of challenges, yet many hospitals still have their privileges in paper form. Not only is this manual process labor intensive, it is also prone to error. Perhaps the largest concern, however, is the fact that documentation becomes outdated quickly and circumstances change with time gaps in notification creating a huge area of liability for hospitals and physicians alike.

The Solution

Adopting a robust Provider Privileging software solution builds a foundation for a smooth and precise privileging processes. A comprehensive software solution should consist of a complete privilege library, researched extensively by experts. As new medical procedures and devices are introduced, those expert researchers work directly with the necessary sources, such as device manufacturers, to provide your organization the recommended minimum standards to possess such privileges.

With an introduction of new procedures and technologies almost daily, utilization of a software solution allows experts to handle the research for you and ensures that hospitals are utilizing the most updated best practices when privileging providers. This should be handled in real-time to assure privileging is done using the most current standards and documentation possible. This, in turn, liberates your medical office staff to focus on supporting the departments in adopting and delineating these privileges.

The Profit

When all medical staff has access to provider privileging data that is streamlined and automated, they are able to schedule for procedures quickly and error free. No longer do you have to worry that the floor staff is not updated regarding a provider’s suspended or revoked privileges - a robust software should do it for you!

Additionally, having a comprehensive library of delineated privileges tied directly to ICD and CPT codes is an effective tool for managing procedures in your facility. It affords you the opportunity to reconcile your billing system with actual granted privileges; streamlining re-credentialing and reporting for quality metrics such as OPPE and FPPE.

Maintaining current and accurate hospital privileging data is an important function within any healthcare organization. A software solution ensuring proper processes and documentation mitigates risk and assures the most appropriate clinical execution.


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symplr is the industry leader in offering simple, easy-to-implement compliance and credentialing software and services for hospitals and healthcare facilities. symplr provides companies with a means of provider credentialing and a way to manage anyone and everyone entering a facility. Along with provider credentialing and vendor credentialing services, symplr offers a broad range of additional software and services such as payor enrollment, general credentialing, professional practice reporting, provider privileging, peer review, event reporting, visitor management, and exclusion screening


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