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Improving Your Provider Credentialing Process with Software | symplr Blog Feature
Matt Thomas

By: Matt Thomas on November 9th, 2018

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Improving Your Provider Credentialing Process with Software | symplr

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Provider credentialing happens behind the scenes, typically without the average patient’s awareness. It’s an essential step for every healthcare practice to take: confirmation of qualifications, physician competency, and practice history are key requirements for making sure that patient health and safety are always a top priority.

Although patients aren't very aware of the process, it's important that provider credentialing validates patient trust by ensuring that only the most qualified professionals represent your organization and care for patients.

Your resources are better spent serving patients and promoting healthy practices, so symplr provider credentialing is designed to make credentialing less tedious and much simpler for your healthcare organization. Our team's goal is to simplify your provider credentialing process to save you time and money. 

The major benefits of streamlined provider/ physician credentialing through software include:

Reimbursements Made Easy

Cactus provider credentialing makes the process of applying for committee approval easier. To ensure you get reimbursed for services from commercial payers and government program administrators, it’s important that you follow the document submission verification process carefully.

Improved Credentialing Workflow for Your Team

Traditional credentialing methods like checklist documents and spreadsheets can be problematic for a number of reasons. These methods can be difficult to collaborate on, which can lead to duplicated or missed data. Teams work best when projects are centralized – when reminders and project flow tracking are transparently accessible to everyone involved in the credentialing process.

Lose the Spreadsheets: Go Paperless to Save Space and Protect Data

Paperless, web-based systems have increased in popularity in recent years for two primary reasons: cost savings and increased security. Cloud-based systems have gained a lot of traction because of the ease with which data-sharing and other common errors can be spotted and corrected quickly.

While spreadsheets may have been a great tool for storing and sorting data in the past, they can easily be erased or manipulated in error. Spreadsheets can be lost or corrupted, and there are limitations to how work can be shared by multiple users. Conversely, cloud- or web-based storage solutions make it very easy to track changes, spot and reverse mistakes, and, most importantly, to share information within a team of administrative professionals.  

In addition to improved digital storage and backups, you’ll also forgo bulky paper files that require physical storage space, reducing the risks of theft and other destructive disasters such as flooding and fire. Web-based physician credentialing can be accessed at any time, anywhere, securely.

If you'd like more information about modernizing and improving your credentialing and privileging processes, our webcast, Credentialing, Recredentialing and Privileging Basics outlines how we can help you to streamline and simplify for the benefit of your patients and administrative staff. Improve your security, departmental transparency and deliver better patient care with one comprehensive provider management tool.


About Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas is a Product Manager at symplr in Overland Park, Kansas. Matt has been part of the symplr/Cactus team for over 10 years in roles ranging from training, implementation and technical consulting to business analysis and Cactus product management. Matt works with both clients and symplr development and operations departments to ensure the vision of the Cactus interface applications, web applications, peer review, quality, and event reporting products meets our clients’ needs.