Make Sure That Your Organization Chooses The Right Credentialing Solution

As more and more healthcare organizations look to simplify their credentialing process, and therefore take a chunk out of their overwhelming amounts of paperwork, medical credentialing solutions are becoming more popular. Completing the credentialing of your vendors, visitors and providers can be complex, as it requires you to maintain a suite of information on each individual, including: immunizations, background checks, certifications, proper training, and more.

Using credentialing systems is the most efficient way for hospitals to keep their facilities running smoothly and efficiently. However, each medical facility has different needs. As a result, you need to pick a solution that works best for your unique needs. Below we review how to choose the right healthcare credentialing software for your facility.

Assess Organizational Needs

Before making a decision to move forward with a credentialing solution, it’s important to properly assess your organization’s specific needs and expectations. You’ll gain valuable insight into how to evaluate potential suppliers. When you’re looking at a solution, consider some of the following factors.


When you’re considering switching to a medical credentialing solution, it’s important to examine why you want to make the move. For some organizations, it may stem from a desire to remove clutter and eliminate paper from your systems. In other cases, you may want to reduce errors by standardizing the process for consistency across multiple facilities. Regardless of what your reasoning for switching is, taking your top priorities into consideration will prepare you to pick the best medical credentialing solution for your needs.



Similarly to other major system acquisitions, choosing a vendor credentialing system is not a one and done deal. When considering your options, you should know what kinds of support and custom solutions you can expect to get. You’ll also need to consider the degree to which you’ll need to educate your staff on how to interact with your credentialing provider. A healthcare credentialing system is only as effective as the support and maintenance it receives so this is integral to the purchasing process.

Choosing the best credentialing solution is key to ensuring you have an efficient solution for your facility. However, it’s just as vital to pick a partner that can work well with your organization’s culture. The following are a sample of some questions you should ask as you shop for medical credentialing system suppliers.

How do you measure quality and performance?

Key performance indicators (KPI) are critical when evaluating the efficiency and success of healthcare credentialing solutions. It’s important to partner with a vendor that understands the value of KPIs and has a comprehensive protocol on how to measure success.

What solutions do you use to ensure an efficient process?

Medical credentialing solutions are constantly advancing so you want your solution provider to have their finger on the pulse of the industry to provide you the best possible solutions. Ask specific questions about their systems to make sure you get a solution that’s advanced enough to meet your needs.

Benefits of Comprehensive Medical Credentialing Systems

Whenever you’re looking at changing your facility’s processes, it’s important to consider how the change can positively or negatively impact administration. Some benefits may include improved efficiency, better reporting capabilities, and mitigation of paperwork errors.

Many medical organizations list compliance as one of the biggest challenges that they face in the running of their business. One of the biggest challenge you should consider is how much time and money goes into maintaining your current credentialing method. Consider both direct and indirect expenses such as annual fees, cost for executing existing solutions, and staffing hours devoted to training, management, and filling out credentialing-related paperwork.

Planning around this information will allow you to keep your expenses on track. Once you’ve assessed all the ways a new hospital credentialing system may impact your facility, you’ll be better prepared to make the jump.

Proper use of hospital credentialing systems for vendors and providers is a critical way to keep a healthcare facility running efficiently. Partnering with a good credentialing solution will increase efficiency while ensuring your facility is compliant.

At symplr, our mission is to lead the industry in simple, intuitive compliance and credentialing solutions. symplr covers all the angles – from the credentialing, enrollment, and privileging of providers to tracking provider and practice quality to managing vendor and visitor activity in your facility – with advanced solutions, services, and support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your healthcare facility credentialing processes a bit simpler.

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