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Austin Mierow

Austin has been with the API Healthcare team for 7 years. His work with hospital leaders at every level convinced him to earn his MBA at the University of Chicago on weekends, where he focused on economics, operations and organizational behavior. To Austin, managing the healthcare workforce has a unique set of challenges that conventional thinking from commercial markets is ill-equipped to solve. He wants to find solutions that honor the work of caregivers, meet financial constraints and, most importantly help patients. When he’s not trying to find the optimal balance of employee engagement, patient outcomes, and operational efficiency, Austin can be found hugging his golden retriever Quint (who often reminds him to play less video games and go on more walks.)

Blog Feature

workforce management | staffing and scheduling | COVID-19

COVID-19 Preparedness: Workforce Management Checklist

By: Austin Mierow
May 11th, 2020

The initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic may have passed, but the ongoing threat to our communities and workers endures. For health systems, responding to the crisis has meant rapid changes to workforce management policy and practice. At API Healthcare, those changes have led to many consultations with our broad, diverse base of customers: large and small, rural and urban, academic and regional, and everything in between. This list documents where we’ve seen patterns of success with the intent of helping you to consider new options, solidify improvements and build a solid foundation for what is to come.   

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