Introducing the symplr + Accesa Labs Partnership: Fulfill Clinical Credentials Quickly and Conveniently

symplr’s partnership with Accesa Labs streamlines credentialing requirements by making it easy for healthcare vendors to obtain and report medical lab testing for continued access to customers. 

With your symplr subscription, you can now book an appointment online for labs at one of thousands of locations across the United States. You’ll receive results electronically, and with a click of a button, you can securely share them directly with symplr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Accesa Labs?
Accesa Labs is a California-based lab services provider that partners with Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp for national coverage of lab testing services. They’ve been leaders in the online lab space since 2010.
Why should I use Accesa Labs?
In a way, you probably already have if you have ever used Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp in the past. Accesa Labs provides an easier, streamlined way to book services at those labs and share the results with symplr through our integration. Furthermore, you’ll save time because you won’t need to search for old immunization records or make multiple visits for testing. You’ll be sure to get the right test, and a green light faster!
What tests are supported by the partnership with Accesa Labs?
The tests currently supported through this partnership include: Varicella titer, MMR titer, Hepatitis B titer, and one-step QuantiFERON Tuberculosis blood test.
Can I use my insurance?
You can pay for services on Accesa Labs with a credit card, FSA/HSA credit/debit card or PayPal. Receipts are available should you need them for insurance reimbursement.
I’ve never seen an Accesa Labs storefront. Why?
You’re right - you haven’t seen an Accesa Labs storefront. That’s because you will book through Accesa Labs but go to Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp for testing.
Who do I contact for help?
Accesa Labs offers support via chat, email and phone. Learn more on their website,
Why is the only TB test offered a blood test?
The two-step PPD test is over 100 years old. It requires at least two visits, and has a high false-positive rate, especially for those not born in the U.S. who have received the BCG vaccine. The blood test requires only one visit, saving reps and their employers valuable time and money while providing more accurate results.
How do tests align to credentials?
Once your results are available, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access them securely. You’ll also be able to upload them to your symplr account with a click of a button, and you can also download and save the results for your personal records.
What are the benefits of taking titer and antibody tests compared to other types of lab diagnostics?
Titer tests give an immediate indication of your antibody levels. Rather than searching for old vaccination records, calling multiple offices, being put on hold, waiting for results to be emailed, or even faxed, the titer tests save you time by promptly determining if you had previous exposure to a specific disease and whether you need a vaccination or treatment to satisfy healthcare organizations’ immunization and credentialing requirements.
Where are testing locations?
There are thousands of Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp locations across the country. When you place your order on the Accesa Labs website, a zip code search will identify the closest location for your visit.
Don’t I need a doctor’s note to get a blood draw?
Yes — and we handle that! All lab tests purchased through Accesa Labs include a physician’s order to enable your blood draw.
How secure are my lab results?
The security of a network-to-network API connection between symplr and Accesa Labs means that results are secure and validated directly from the lab network into your symplr credentialing portal.
How can I confirm that my lab results I shared were received by symplr?
You will be notified via email after your results are shared with symplr.