Telehealth: COVID-19 and beyond

Webinar: 60 minutes


Telehealth Transformation in Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic will forever change healthcare as we know it. The use of telehealth can be part of the short-term solution for this healthcare crisis and can have long-term applicability. This webinar will describe what telehealth is in both the ambulatory and inpatient settings, describe the documentation needed to implement telehealth as part of your facility’s disaster credentialing plan, and highlight resources for medical services professionals (MSPs).

After listening to this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of telehealth in the ambulatory and inpatient settings.
  • Describe regulatory changes related to telehealth in a disaster situation.
  • List three resources available to MSPs related to telehealth.


Barb Warstler, MBA, CPMSM, FASPR
Associate Vice President, Client Relations, The Hardenbergh Group

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