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Vendor credentialing technology built for seamless facility access

Vendor risk management is essential to the success of your healthcare organization. It’s not only an important part of ensuring the safety of your patients and staff, but can directly affect revenue and the productivity of your staff and organization.

With vendors coming in and out of your hospital on a daily basis, you need to be able to know who’s onsite and in compliance at a moments’ notice. symplr’s vendor credentialing system, coupled with easy to set up and easy to use onsite technology like the symplrPass, are part of a strong, strategic vendor access management plan that reinforces your vendor policy.


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Be Informed

Stay aware of who’s onsite at your healthcare facility at all times by using a holistic vendor credentialing system coupled with best-in-class technology that ensures only approved, credentialed vendors are accessing your hospital.


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Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies’ standards for managing onsite populations with reports from symplr’s online vendor management platform.



Easily Manage Your Account

symplrPass and the symplr vendor management app make vendor credentialing easy for vendors and hospital administrators alike, so you can manage access from anywhere in your healthcare facility.


What is symplrPass?

symplr’s patent-pending symplrPass makes vendor credentialing easier than ever. The symplrPass vendor check-in kiosk doesn’t require an internet connection to work, so onsite implementation at your healthcare facility happens in just minutes. There’s no need for a bulky desktop setup and scanner, or even any desk space. Plus, symplrPass makes checking in a breeze for vendors, who only need their symplr mobile app handy to check in.

As part of the symplr vendor management system, the symplrPass is an essential part of vendor risk management and managing vendor traffic flow to ensure that only credentialed, approved vendors are entering your healthcare facility.



symplrPass_side1_rgbHow symplrPass works

When a vendor arrives onsite at your hospital, they simply open their symplr vendor management app, select check in, and scan a symplrCode under the symplrPass’s scanner. 

The symplrPass then reads the code and generates a stick-on day pass for the vendor to wear during their visit. Vendors simply scan in, grab their day pass, stick it on, and go on about their day.

Day passes can include the date, time, appointment details, and department the vendor is visiting, along with customizable information determined by you, like the floor or staff member the vendor is visiting - all designed to make it easy to train your staff to scan quickly and validate that a vendor is onsite for a valid reason.


If a vendor isn’t credentialed to your standards, they won’t be able to print a day pass, and won’t be able to enter your healthcare facility. After their visit, the symplr mobile app reminds the vendor to check out to complete their visit and ensure that you have an accurate view of the vendors onsite.

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Hospital vendor credentialing administrators can access the symplr hospital app to conduct vendor check-in overrides and see who’s onsite at a glance. With customizable alerts on symplr’s vendor credentialing system, administrators can be alerted not only when a vendor checks in, but when a vendor’s red-light visit is overridden by another administrator. Administrators can easily check the vendor check-in dashboard and see which vendors are checked-in and their “light status:'' red for out of compliance, yellow for credentials or policies that are expiring soon, and green for vendors who are in compliance.

Maintaining the symplrPass is easy: heat-transfer printing on our labels means that you don’t have to deal with reloading ink. When labels are running low, the symplrPass will send an alert to your facility administrators, and changing labels is as easy as popping open the top of the symplrPass and replacing the label roll. 

Vendors can easily manage their account on the go with the mobile app, including getting alerts on expiring credentials, managing policies, scheduling appointments, checking in and out, and keeping their profile up to date.

The best software for vendors & health systems

With symplr’s online vendor credentialing software, before a vendor ever visits your facility, you can be assured they’ve undergone a background check, read and agreed to your policies, given proof of their vaccinations and screenings, and have undergone HIPAA training and any other relevant trainings to their role in partnership with your healthcare organization.

Our goal at symplr is to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time and to ensure the safety of your patients and staff. A strong vendor management system ensures that your credentialing requirements are clear for your vendors so that they can seamlessly support your healthcare organization in the ways that you determine are most important.

Along with a streamlined way to manage your credentials, with symplr’s online vendor management system, you can expect:

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Customizable Credentials

No healthcare facility or organization is the same, and no vendor’s access needs are the same. With symplr, you can customize the credential and policy requirements that you consider most important for vendors visiting your facilities. If something changes, you can update your policies or credentials on the fly with the support of our dedicated account management team.

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Best-in-Class Support

For both vendors and healthcare administrators, when you call symplr, you’ll talk to a person. Our dedicated vendor support and administrator support teams are here to support you and ensure that your credentialing program runs smoothly. Every single credential is hand-checked by our vendor operations team, so you can rest assured that vendors entering your facility are being held to the standards you expect.

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Quick-Access Dashboards and Reports

Report on vendor visits, onsite vendors and more with our reports and health system dashboards built to satisfy your staff’s daily needs and even the C-suite.


As part of your holistic vendor management program, symplr makes vendor credentialing and access management seamless and aligned with your specific needs. Reach out to us today to find out how our vendor credentialing software system can help you.

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