eBook: How to Manage Expedited Privileges during Disasters & Emergencies

Do you know the difference between disaster, emergency and temporary privileges? Is your organization ready to provide telemedicine services? Which quality measures need to be tracked for these unique situations?

In the midst of disasters or emergencies, your healthcare organization’s leaders look to the Medical Staff Services function for recommendations and guidance on credentialing and privileging. Whether or not your organization has triggered its Emergency Operation Plan (EOP), it’s imperative for MSPs to take the lead. Are you prepared to ensure the provision of safe patient care, despite the potential chaos of any situation?

This eBook also includes a Sample Hospital Disaster Privileges Policy and Procedure.

Expedite Your Privileges

Follow these tips and guidelines to help ensure you apply the right clinical privileges for disasters & emergencies


The Expedited Privileging eBook includes:

  • The difference between disaster, emergency, and temporary privileges
  • How to prepare your organization to provide virtual health services, while ensuring your policy for telemedicine adheres to accreditation and state regulations
  • Which quality measures need to be tracked
  • How to ensure the provision of safe patient care
  • A template for creating your own disaster privileges policies and procedures