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Make informed decisions based on clinical evidence for better healthcare outcomes

Hayes offers extensive analysis and examination of the latest advancements in medical technology, procedures, and products, providing a comprehensive solution to streamline healthcare management.

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Do you need a reliable and robust resource for evidence research to make medical determinations?

The biomedical industry's rapid growth leads to clinical evidence overload. Conducting research alone or relying on vendors with limited libraries and poor support impedes evidence-based decision making in today's fast-paced environment.

Health plans face an overwhelming amount of clinical evidence but lack relevant, timely, and useful information to make strategic decisions. Incomplete resources and a lack of rigorous research expose organizations to risks, wasteful spending, and sub-optimal policies. Researching clinical evidence for new policies or updates can be costly and time-consuming.

Hayes Clinical Evidence solutions are specifically designed to assist payers in making evidence-based decisions related to healthcare. By simplifying the decision-making process, health plans are able to streamline their coverage policies, utilization management, and appeals decisions. This ultimately leads to the best possible care for members, ensuring that they receive the most appropriate treatment options based on sound clinical evidence. Hayes Clinical Evidence empowers payers with comprehensive data for confident decision-making.

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Reduce time, effort, and wasteful spending on low-value technologies and sub-optimal policy determinations.

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Apply scientific rigor and detail to your research

Evaluate technology more efficiently with thousands of clinical evidence summaries and thorough deep dives that are easily digestible. 


Get full insight through clinical depth and context

Fully inform your decisions with a mixture of rigorous evidence appraisals and real-world information from guidelines, payer policies, cost, and competing alternatives.  

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Stay up to date on evolving technologies

Move forward with confidence with anytime-anywhere access to the best evidence available, current information, and time-sensitive, on-demand custom research from a team of RNs. 

Hayes Clinical Evidence is different  

Breadth, depth, & context

Gain a 360˚ perspective on clinical context by accessing our high-volume library, which includes annual updates for key reports and evolving topics. This library provides information on guidelines, payer policies, and competing alternatives.

Timely content & custom support

Leverage up-to-date evidence reports on the hottest topics published daily, plus fast turnaround custom abstract-based briefs and research requests prepared by a team of RNs.

Stay current

Hayes' full evidence reviews are updated annually while topics evolve to keep you informed about developments in the literature and evidence, payer policies, guidelines, and more.

Master new medical codes

Hayes Medical Code Research offers an easily searchable resource to simplify code release management. Get reliable documentation from Hayes to defend your decisions.

Stay current

Stay on top of your annual policy updates with Hayes Clinical Evidence Annual Reviews. All Hayes clinical evidence assessments receive an annual review to determine changes in the evidence landscape, commercial and public payer policies, professional organization recommendations, and regulatory status, and whether these changes alter any conclusions.

Strengthen your team by empowering them with a complete research service solution – like these customers

Hayes reviews are always timely and thorough, providing a review of the technology itself, as well as the summary of research, the regulatory status, position guidelines and coverage policies from major insurers. This information is vital in providing guidance for internal reviews of claims and prior authorizations, particularly for services which are newer to the market. Furthermore, Hayes is more “agile” than some other evidence-based sources, providing weekly updates of changing or “cutting edge” services.

Health Insurer

I have been using the Hayes research product for almost 9 years and I cannot imagine doing my job without them. The research briefs, reports, updates, are consistently helpful and timely. Their research is solid, and the staff is always available to answer any questions I may have. When my company needs customized research reports, I know I can count on the Hayes team to produce evidence analysis reports that will guide me in making decisions on if/how we produce policies. Hayes is a gamechanger for anyone conducting industry benchmarking, producing literature summaries, and requiring in-depth technology assessments. I strongly endorse their products and company!

Mass General Bringham Health Plan