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Donna Goestenkors

By: Donna Goestenkors on May 26th, 2016

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How to Measure Your Competence

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Today’s medical services professionals (MSPs) must maximize their effectiveness in the industry. To empower MSPs, we’re kicking off a career development mini-series. Our goal: to provide you with the know-how and resources to be a “Rock Star MSP” – one who is renowned or revered in their specialty in the field. In today’s blog, we examine a core competency model that serves as the foundation for our mini-series.

What is competence? Essentially, it is your ability to combine and demonstrate the knowledge and skills you’ve acquire over time on the job. These factors must work together to advance your career and set the stage for professional success.

As an MSP, you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in credentialing processes and regulatory compliance. You’ve worked hard to maintain databases to track physician training, experience, and licenses – all while managing accredited educational programs for your providers. Sure, your skills and dedication to accuracy are impressive, but what if you could be more even more efficient and productive using other tools? You’ll find the keys to true success in three pillars of the MSP core competency model: Personal Effectiveness, Skill Efficiency, and Career Power.

Credentialing management Let’s start with the first pillar, Personal Effectiveness. This refers to your ability to move up in your career by using available resources to optimize your time and maximize your effort. Want to take your career to the next level? Let’s face it, certain skill sets will always apply to every MSP – even if you work in different operational environments and perform tasks in a variety of ways. Now, to establish yourself as a Rock Star MSP, you must master these areas related to the second pillar, Skill Efficiency:

  • Privileging management
  • Practitioner competence management
  • Compliance management
  • Enrollment management
  • Onboard management
  • Office management
  • Document management
  • Development management
  • Relationship management
  • Technology management

OK, so you’ve mastered the first two pillars for success in your profession! Now, let’s review the third pillar, Career Power. Ok, this one is a little more nuanced. Think of it as simply a measure of how you combine your personal effectiveness and management skills.

For example, there are MSPs who are exceptionally skilled at interpreting standards and rewriting bylaws, but lack the interpersonal skills to be a strong team player. Or there are MSPs who are great at working with others, but don’t have the technical skills to perform daily functions with optimal efficiency. In both cases, it’s easy to see how this formula can be applied – Personal Effectiveness combined with Skill Efficiency equal Career Power.

Ready to perform tasks at peak efficiency and master new skills to drive productivity? No doubt, your managers and leaders will now see you as a champion for efficiency, aka a Rock Star MSP. Want to learn more about the MSP core competency model? Don’t miss our webinar, Reasons to Automate: How to be an MSP Rock Star. The first in our MSP career development series, this webinar focuses on MSP core competencies and explores how business process automation can impact your daily work. Find out how to differentiate yourself as a Rock Star MSP by exploring and embracing the benefits of business process automation.



About Donna Goestenkors

Donna is a full time healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor serving the Medical Staff Services industry for over 40 years. Her diverse project experience includes assignments in every work environment and rapport building among all levels of professional and executive staff. Donna is a past President of NAMSS and her client work covers all of the industry's environments from Healthcare Systems to critical access hospitals.