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Centralized mobile notifications help reduce nurse fatigue

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Reduce alarm and alert fatigue with a unified platform

Providers are bombarded with alerts and alarms demanding immediate attention, which can contribute to fatigue. Make the achievement of a unified communications platform your urgent goal. Put messaging, alerts/EHR integrations and VoIP calls on one device, giving nurses a singular focal point for notifications.  


Meet the mobile needs of your nurses

Your nursing staff is always on the go. Our mobile solution travels with clinicians as they deliver care within and across units—or even across facilities. We ask today’s clinicians to follow the patient to prevent harm and deliver high-quality care, so let’s give them the mobile messaging and voice technology tools they need to keep pace 

Boost user adoption

Technology should make nurses’ jobs easier. That means equipping them with tools that don’t have a steep learning curve, but are intuitive and easy to use. Our Nurse Mobility Module replicates the layout and flow of the existing phone system to ensure user adoption, with the added efficiency of one mobile device for calls, messages, and more. 

Improved clinical communications lead to better care

Decrease alert fatigue while increasing patient satisfaction

Providing healthcare staff with a means for centralized, mobile communications isn’t just critical to the success of patient care outcomes. It can also boost workforce satisfaction, conserve team members' valuable time by giving them appropriate focus, and help to stem turnover. 

symplr’s Nurse Mobility module is part of our unified clinical collaboration platform, symplr Clinical Communications, that delivers sensitive information to the right person, role, or team in real-time. Nurse mobility integrations enable your staff to use a single, mobile solution for all communication channels—secure messaging, alerts, and voice—to help reduce alert fatigue and let them focus on delivering the best care to your patients. 


Give nurses the freedom to carry one device for communications 


Put messaging, alerts, integrations and calls on one device

Nurse Mobility enables your staff to have a single, mobile solution for all communication channels—secure messaging, alerts, EHR integrations, and voice calls—through standard integrations to help reduce alert fatigue and keep the focus on patients.  

Get the convenience of VoIP calling from a mobile phone

Our mobile solution can integrate with your current VoIP technology on shared devices to streamline Wi-Fi calling for all voice communication. Nurse Mobility replicates the layout and flow of your phone system to boost user adoption with the efficiency of one mobile device for calls and messages.

Get centralized mobile alerts to reduce nurse fatigue

Through robust integrations (TAP, WCTP, SIP) with nurse call systems and physiological monitors, Nurse Mobility centralizes critical alerts to reduce nurse fatigue. It enables the creation of unique alert sounds to differentiate between alerts and messages, so critical communications aren't missed.

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