Care Finder Direct

A better way to engage patients from symplr and WebMD

Extend your digital front door and strengthen your patient acquisition strategy with Care Finder Direct. This innovative digital patient acquisition solution that makes it easier for patients to find doctors and schedule appointments—right at the moment they’re researching health information online.

Care Finder Direct connects WebMD’s trusted consumer content—which reaches over 70 million monthly unique visitors—with symplr Directory’s real-time provider search and appointment booking directly in your EHR. With this digital solution, your organization can engage patients earlier in their search for care and quickly close the loop with self-service appointment booking.

Extend your digital front door and optimize patient acquisition
  • Improve operational effectiveness and reduce friction for consumers booking appointments with your providers
  • Increase conversion rates by connecting internet search to appointment booking in your EHR
  • Reduce administrative burden and manual entry by tapping into symplr’s single source of truth for provider profiles
  • Fill capacity gaps system-wide
  • Increase your health system market share, blunt your competition, and grow your institution’s brand awareness and reputation

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