Marathon or Sprint? Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Operations with the CEO of symplr & Fortune

Thursday, December 14, 2:30 PM CT | 60 minutes

Join a compelling dialogue between Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune Media, and BJ Schaknowski, CEO of symplr. This webinar will explore overarching business trends and how they intersect with the vital role of strategic leadership and operational effectiveness in healthcare. Alan and BJ will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges that businesses are facing heading into 2024 as well as how these challenges can be addressed in the healthcare industry specifically.

In addition to the broader economic trends all organizations face, there are sector-specific challenges that healthcare organizations encounter — tight margins, workforce shortages, and shifting patient expectations. This session will dive into how strategic leadership and innovative software solutions can address these issues, enhancing both patient care and operational efficiency while maintaining a focus on human-centric approaches that lead to happier healthcare workers and ultimately, superior patient outcomes.

Key topics include:

  • Major trends in the overall business environment
  • Stakeholder perspectives & predictions: areas of growth and risk in healthcare
  • Strategies for balancing patient/customer experience with operational demands
  • The role of technology and leaders in optimizing operational processes
Join this insightful discussion to understand how strategic leadership shapes the future of healthcare operations.

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BJ Schaknowski

CEO, symplr
BJ Schaknowski is a seasoned software industry executive and now brings his dedication to creating balanced value and outcomes for employees, customers, and ...

Alan Murray

CEO, Fortune Media
Alan Murray oversees the business and editorial operations of Fortune Media and is known for expanding its digital and conference franchises.