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Payer Enrollment Software
for Medical Practices

Shorten reimbursement time and improve your revenue cycle with better management tools for payer enrollment



 Automate your payer enrollment with simple, web based software

Anyone involved in payer enrollment understands the significance it plays in the financial well-being of a medical practice. If your providers aren't credentialed, it can significantly impact the bottom line.  

Enrolling a provider with a payer entails collecting provider data, populating forms and following up with the health plans or other entities until the provider is credentialed. 


Completing credentialing applications by hand is time-consuming and following up on submitted applications is often the area where the ball gets dropped. It sounds like a simple process but without the right software, it can be overwhelming and costly.

The Vistar system offers a user friendly state-of-the-art software system which allows you to populate forms quickly and easily and helps you manage the follow-up process until the provider is credentialed and billing.


Automate the Process

Dashboards and client configured workflows really drive the process. Workflows can be configured to perform tasks such as application population, schedule follow-up tasks, send notifications by email and much more. Workflows reduce the chance of human error and ensure continuity of the process.

Using configurable workflow processes, the entire payer enrollment process can be automated, from start to finish.


Easily Manage Your Priorities

No need for spreadsheets, sticky-note, pop-up calendar reminders, and paper files. Every detail related to the payer enrollment process is tracked in the system and is quickly accessible via the dashboard.


Track the Status of Your Payer Applications

Track each step of the payer enrollment application process, including completion, signature, and delivery to the health plans. View the status of each step in the application's path, along with detailed information regarding information shared, expedited delivery, tracking numbers, and more.

  • View the current status instantly with one-click access to the entire status history.

  • Provide transparency and status reports to outside users with the eStatus portal.

  • Reduce phone calls and email inquiries by providing 24/7 real-time updates online.


Pre-Built Application Forms 

Quickly and easily populate provider information into pre-built application forms for one or multiple providers. 

Any necessary supporting documentation can be automatically appended to the application, creating one complete file that is ready for delivery.

Payor Enrollment Tools

When you partner with symplr for payor enrollment services, we take on the heavy-lifting of getting your providers enrolled — you get an entire team of experts working for you. We collect your data just ONCE then get busy securing and completing the right forms for the right payors.

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Provider Privileging

With symplr's Provider Privileging software you get the most comprehensive and ONLY online cusomizable privileging database kept current by a team of expert researchers - more complete and current than other free or hard copy published sources.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Vistar Provider Management Platform

“I wanted to mention to you that it has been such a wonderful experience working with your company. I deal with a variety of healthcare vendors on a daily basis and I find the staff at Vistar to be the most pleasant and responsive.”

Bridget Lee Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

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