Streamlining Supply Chain Operations: Insights from AdventHealth

Hear how integration and teamwork transformed supply chain Efficiency for a reputable healthcare organization.

Embrace the proven strategies of AdventHealth to optimize your supply chain operations. Doug Pytlinski, System Vice President of Supply Chain Operations, unveils the Advent Healthway, an approach fostering unity and excellence across the board.

Key Learnings Include:

  • Unified operations: Learn how strategic integration of various operations can drive significant advancements.
  • Cultural transformation: See how adopting core values like the 'Cardinal Way' ensures every team member contributes to success.
  • Enhanced visibility: Understand the importance of maintaining visibility and transparency from the warehouse to the executive office.
This strategy doesn't just streamline operations but also solidifies a culture of engagement and excellence, ensuring every team member is a cog in the wheel of success.
Webinar_Core Supply Chain Practices for Sustained Success

Foundational Strategies for Today’s Supply Chain

Gain more insights by watching the complete webinar to optimize your supply chain strategy.