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Taming the Wild West: Corralling Locum Tenens Credentialing 

Hospitals, clinics, and physician practices are increasingly relying on locum tenens physicians, but credentialing locum practitioners is challenging. Join Team Med Global’s Donna Goestenkors and Patty Clark as they present a case study and reveal processes designed to successfully manage the locum tenens credentialing process.






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After listening to this webinar, you will be able to:

  •  Identify the central challenges posed by locum tenens credentialing

  •  Explain 3 strategies to elicit complete and accurate information from providers

  •  Describe effective processes for communicating with internal and external stakeholders


About the speaker, Donna Goestenkors

Donna Goestenkors is a healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor who possesses over 42 years of knowledge and experience that she is privileged to share with colleagues and administrative and medical staff leaders on issues pertinent to the medical staff services industry. Her expertise is diverse and penetrates into all healthcare locations and environments (i.e., coast to coast, system, academic, community and critical access hospitals, Credentials Verification Organizations, Managed Care Organizations, group and solo practice settings). Her talent in leading Medical Staff Services Professionals (MSPs) to their greatest level of competence garners Donna great respect among her colleagues within the industry.

About the speaker, Patty Clark

Patty Clark is a dual-certified Director of Medical Staff Services. She earned her Certified Professional Credentialing Specialist credential in 1996 and her Certified Professional Medical Staff Services Management credential in 1998 from the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS). In 2010, Patty was accorded her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership by Wilmington University. She is a NAMSS member in good standing. Many of Patty’s notable achievements are an outgrowth of her expertise in relationship management. Her laser-like focus on physician engagement translates to increased transparency across her organization and makes her a valued physician recruitment team member. She facilitates the production of sound medical staff governance documents and seamlessly orchestrates extensive locum tenens coverage.