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symplrCVO-logo(1)the CVO that works for you

Take the stress out of credentialing, recredentialing, primary source verification, and payor enrollment with:

  • - An NCQA certified team of experts with been there, done that, seen it all before experience
  • - Fast, accurate provider credentialing and payor enrollment
  • - Familiarity with provider management platforms; our team can seamlessly work with you on IntelliSoft, Cactus, or eVIPs

symplrCVO is for hospitals, health systems, payer, ACOs, IPAs and beyond - no matter your organization, we're dedicated to your success. Our focus is on getting it done.

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The CVO, evolved.

Our team of experts is focused on:

Speed: Fast, accurate credential verification and payor enrollment, every time.

Transparency: You can track progress through regular reporting, or by working alongside our teams in one of symplr's Provider Management platforms.

Precision: With years of experience comes all the knowledge we need to ensure it's done right, the first time.

Get all your credentialing needs covered.


sgeneral_credentialingymplrCVO's credentialing services include:

  • Initial Application and Primary Source Verifications for healthcare and insurance providers
  • Recredentialing Application and Primary Source Verification for healthcare and insurance providers
  • Flexibility to work with hospitals, provider health plan enrollment and participation, and professional licensure for any kind of organization
  • Accurate and up-to-date status reports throughout the process – so you're continuously informed about the credentialing status of your providers


End payor enrollment frustration.

Each payor has different rules, regulations, processes, timelines, and seemingly unnecessary roadblocks that stall the process. You just need your doctors to be billable, your new physicians enrolled, and your growing claims on hold reimbursed.

With symplr's payor enrollment team, you'll:

  • Get applications done twice as fast as in-house teams.
    We have dedicated experts with experience in your area of practice and state insurance exchange.
  • Know the status of every application in real time.
    You get access to a live portal online, updated with notes and statuses of every application in real time.
  • Never stress about following up with payors.
    We follow up with payors as often as possible, and don't stop until your doctors are enrolled.
  • Streamline your costs and financial planning.
    You pay one price per application. You get predictable costs, and never worry about surprise enrollment expenses.

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