Provider Evidence | symplr Spend

Align clinical evidence with pricing data for unbiased decisions

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Provider Evidence | symplr Spend

Align clinical evidence with pricing data for unbiased decisions

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We help you navigate the complexities of a clinical supply chain


Make defensible, evidence-based decisions

Assess the clinical, operational, and financial impact of each technology you’re considering with thorough, evidence-based analysis.

Facilitate critical decisions 45% faster

Access unbiased recommendations that combine real-world clinical and financial evidence, on your timeline, to move forward with confidence.

Apply scientific rigor to your research

We do things the conventional way: We read, synthesize, and report on the evidence so you needn’t sift through reams of data.

The software and guidance that enables unbiased decision-making

Don’t let evidence get lost in translation

symplr Spend Management's provider evidence solution and services deliver research and insights in unbiased reports that support both clinical and supply chain decision makers in your health system. Our clinical team knows the right questions to ask, so your evidence search yields the right answers fast. Think of them as the support team behind your organization, assembling, reviewing, and interpreting the data on the technologies you’re considering.

Our clinical advisors are veteran RNs with decades of hands-on experience, who assess the impact a technology or product may have on outcomes, clinician satisfaction, insurance reimbursement, and your strategic imperatives. Don’t waste time evaluating requests for products and technologies that don’t improve patient care or benefit your organization.


Make better-informed decisions, faster


Save time and reduce backlogs

After using symplr Provider Evidence, customers typically spend 45% less time evaluating a new product or product refresh than before.

Access up-to-date content

We understand the intrinsic value of current, accurate, and relevant data. We continuously analyze the evidence, highlighting the significant and sorting out the questionable.

Improve outcomes

We work with providers to integrate evidence-based data into their enterprise value management initiatives as well as their value analysis practices.

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