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Managing external parties accessing a facility—or an entire health system—is a big job. Patient safety, efficiency, and compliance are at stake. symplr Access makes it easy for vendors, visitors, service providers, contractors, or anyone entering your facility to fully comply with your policies and requirements.

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Ensure compliance and safety for visitors, patients, and staff

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Know who's on-site and in compliance at a glance

Our flexible vendor credentialing and visitor management systems make it easy for external parties to get the access they need, and for you to get the data you need.

Onsite dashboards aggregate all vendors and visitors on site at a glance, and compliance reports allow you to see which vendors are most compliant with your organization's requirements.

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Easy for you—and easy for vendors, too

Our team works with you to determine the best-practice credentials, policies and trainings for each level of access you need.

Vendors work directly with us to ensure that they are meeting requirements, undergoing trainings, and reviewing your policies. With our smartphone app they can check in, schedule appointments, and manage their account. 

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Thorough credentialing and background checks

Our goals are the same as yours: keeping patients and staff safe while making it easy to be in compliance. That's why we have a dedicated, hands-on team of credentialing experts who review every credential. 

Plus, every symplr vendor undergoes an annual background check and OIG-compliant exclusion screening at no extra cost.

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Compliance tracking and reporting at your fingertips

symplr's dashboards make vendor and visitor check-in activity easily accessible, so you and your team can quickly assess compliance with your facility policies. Plus, our real-time data log reporting makes it easy to satisfy auditing requirements of governing entities like The Joint Commission and DNV.

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Get best-in-class support for everyone

We believe in providing the best support possible for our customers. When you call us, you'll talk to a real person. Our vendor support team is on-hand to make sure that vendors get the support they need, too: to ensure that they get the access they need, and your credentialing program keeps running smoothly.

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Make your facility access management easier than ever

Patient, staff, and visitor safety has never been as important in healthcare — and the ability to track every single external visitor accessing your organization is paramount. With symplr Access, you can easily track your holistic facility access management strategy across an entire health system or a single facility. From credentialing medical device representatives accessing your OR to checking in visitors who are critical to patient morale, symplr Access helps ensure the safety of all.
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Manage facility access for contractors, volunteers and more

In healthcare, the need for access to your facility doesn't end with vendors. symplr Access can help you manage access for less frequent visitors, including local contractors and businesses, volunteers, and medical students. Whether they need access to a single facility or your entire organization, our team can help ensure that the right people with the right credentials can access the right places.

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Manage your supplier group team's credentialing needs

For credential managers with teams of 10+, symplr's Supplier Group Accounts allow you to quickly and easily help your employees get credentialed and stay credentialed. Expedited credentialing time helps them get up and running faster, and our dashboards allow you to keep tabs on whose credentials are up to date or close to expiration.

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