State licensure applications

Prepare more providers to deliver telemedicine

symplr CVO's state licensure application service helps healthcare organizations and providers extend their reach to more patients by applying for physicians’ and advanced practice professionals' state medical licenses.

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Fast, accurate help to meet licensure challenges

What challenges limit your ability to prepare more providers to deliver telehealth? Lack of resources. Hard to navigate state licensing requirements. Missed timelines that create provider customer service issues. We've helped healthcare organizations overcome these problems and others to realize a more efficient way to license. 


Redouble your efforts without adding staff

Efficiency is gained when you focus your resources on essential tasks that must remain in-house. Take the pressure off of your staff and better serve your providers by outsourcing to symplr CVO Licensure Service.

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Enlist the help of symplr CVO, an experienced partner 

License application is time consuming and complex. There’s no uniform, nationwide process for multi-state applications. Each state’s medical board, or other authority, is the gatekeeper. Our team of veteran credentialing and enrollment professionals knows how to quickly and expertly navigate the requirements to keep your organization in compliance. We're NCQA-Certified as a CVO.


Call on the experts to navigate states' licensing terrain

symplr CVO's licensure service is changing the way healthcare organizations apply to state medical boards for physician and nonphysician licenses amid the growth of telemedicine services.

You and your organization can expect:

speed Speed
accuracy Accuracy
scalability Scalability
integration Integration
flexibility Flexibility
experience Experience

Get more from symplr CVO with our licensing application services 

symplr CVO is the trusted expert in licensure, primary source verification, payer enrollment, and credentialing for healthcare and insurance providers. Our team is ready to support you, whatever your needs.
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