Provider credentialing software

symplr Provider (formerly Cactus) manages the provider data lifecycle—verification, credentialing, payer enrollment, privileging, peer review, quality improvement, and risk management—to speed turnaround times, tighten security, and improve workflows.

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The provider management tools you need to succeed, for organizations of all sizes.

Our web-based provider management software offers comprehensive, easy-to-use, and dynamic features. We ensure you have the tools to succeed in credentialing, privileging, and enrolling your providers—and beyond.

Are you a small provider organization facing data management challenges? No matter your size, compliance and efficiency remain paramount. symplr’s modular approach offers custom solutions that won’t break your budget.

Eliminate or reduce manual steps and reliance on paper processes today, with symplr Provider. 

Credentialing suite

Take the headache out of your most complicated, sensitive, and error-prone provider data management processes. Easily gather and store practitioner data in a single source of truth database, perform primary source verification, maintain years' worth of records, distribute information organization wide, and more.

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Provider privileging

Delineating clinical privileges to your providers is crucial to compliance, but it places a huge burden on administrative or medical staff and resources. symplr Provider software solves your privileging challenges. You'll get optional online access to a comprehensive, customizable privileging forms library maintained by our team of expert researchers.

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Payer enrollment

Streamline the payer enrollment process and easily track practitioner applications step by step to receive reimbursements faster. Our web-based provider software solution delivers the right tools to help you more efficiently enroll your physicians and non-physician providers. Learn More

Quality review

Peer review tools—including OPPE/FPPE, event, and incident reporting—automate your processes, provide valuable insights for improvement, and enable you to track the quality of care your providers deliver. No matter what type of quality targets, indicators, or benchmarks you use to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care, symplr has you covered. Learn More

Payer enrollment software

Simplify and expedite the enrollment process with plan mass insert functionality, automated forms population, status history tracking, alerts, and overall workflow automation for improved turnaround times. Configurable workflows reduce the chance of human error and ensure continuity.

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Enterprise integrations

Maintain a single source of truth for provider data management across all your systems, and you will never again have to enter the same data twice. Whether you need to send provider information into your EHR/EMR or push/pull data to or from CAQH, symplr's integrations standardize and streamline your data management.

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