Promote safety and learn from incidents

Foster participation in event reporting, improve data collection and analysis, and build a transparent, blame-free reporting environment with symplr's patient safety and risk management software.

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The value of a structured, digital event management system:

Capture (near) incidents, provide analytics, manage workflows, and monitor improvements

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Ensure a safety culture

  • Contribute to staff awareness of
    conscious and unconscious behaviors that affect safety
  • Use interventions such as audits, safety rounds, and team-based analysis and discussion of incidents and near incidents
  • Initiate and track improvement actions
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Foster participation

  • Provide automated, online, and customizable forms allowing staff and others to easily report
  • Make forms accessible by computer, tablet, or phone to increase participation and compliance
  • Show relevant questions, enable anonymity, and save drafts
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Analyze and report

  • Elevate real-time data to produce actionable information
  • Export to Word, PDF, CSV, and XML
  • Apply internationally recognized analysis methods
  • Use workflows to gain insights on a comprehensive dashboard

What our clients say about us

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“The Joint Commission surveyor just finished reviewing our OPPE Reports from your system and had no suggestions or recommendations for them. Great job and thank you symplr!”

Nancy M.

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“Our symplr products have increased our efficiency and accuracy. We are a stronger and better-prepared department. symplr is on the forefront of innovation to offer expanded services to their clients.”


Jolee M.

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