Annual Business Review

symplr is at the forefront of innovation in offering multiple forms of support services to our customers. We strive to exceed the technical support and customer service typically expected of a software partner. 

One of the ways we ensure that you remain on track for success using your Cactus provider management software is through an Annual Business Review. The review is ideal for any customer, no matter where you are in your partnership journey with symplr. Customers who participate in a review do so to maximize the use of their software’s features and capabilities, and learn the latest news from symplr. Meanwhile, symplr’s goal is to consistently remain aligned with your growing healthcare organization. 

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What's included in Annual Business Review?

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At your request, your customer success manager and regional sales manager will lead your team through this complimentary, day-long in-service, conducted in-person or over the web.
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You’ll update us on your experiences and changing needs: wins, priorities, and challenges. We’ll recap symplr’s corporate, product, and system updates to keep you informed.

benchmark icon
Action plans created during your Cactus installation (new customers) or last year’s review (existing customers) are put to the test. We’ll spend time reviewing what’s working, what’s not, and how we’ll address any issues. 
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Together, we’ll create your provider data management roadmap for the coming year, putting symplr’s enhanced solutions, services, and partnerships to work for your organization. 

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Following your Annual Business Review, your customer success manager will deliver an executive summary that serves as a touchpoint to reflect, reinforce, and reiterate the course of action decided on. 

The Value of an Annual Business Review

Gain valuable insights to ensure you’re getting the most from your Cactus provider data management system and stay on top of updates that affect your platform. By participating in your complimentary Annual Business Review and applying symplr’s summary findings, you’ll gain the following opportunities for improvement as they exist in your unique environment: 

  • Increase your solution knowledge
  • Better align with credentialing and compliance industry best practices
  • Learn about new software features and capabilities
  • Receive the latest news from symplr (e.g., new leadership roles, acquisitions, etc.) 
  • Learn how to apply your solution’s workflow efficiencies to your business needs 
  • Ensure our future product offerings align with your future strategic initiatives
  • Reinforce your team’s relationship with your customer success manager