Rethinking Visitor Management in Long-Term Care Facilities During COVID-19

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, long-term care facilities across the U.S. restricted nearly all visitors to protect vulnerable residents. While COVID-19 continues to be a significant risk, residents’ mental and physical health are now a major concern due to the impacts of isolation. That’s why CMS released new guidance in September for visitation in long-term care.


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  • How a visitor management system can help facilitate safe and secure visits between residents and their loved ones

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The impact of COVID-19 visitor restrictions

Those who work in long-term care witnessed the challenge of protecting residents from COVID-19. Initially, closing doors to visitors was advised to keep residents safe from the virus. Now, residents are reporting the effects of enduring isolation from family and friends. 

76% Residents who report feeling lonelier due to visitor restrictions (2)

64% of residents no longer leave their rooms to socialize with others (2)

The percent of residents who had three or more visits per week decreased by 51% (6)


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