Drive Vendor Compliance with Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics

In this eBook we will look at dashboards that can help with:

  • Accurate Information - all vendor onsite activities are automatically recorded and tracked, the information is always accurate, showing vendor traffic for any time period.

  • Time Management - tracking, assessment, and recording of all vendor visit activities are automated, therefore less data collection and report creation for administrators who can better use their time.

  • Accreditation – with compliance dashboards, management can address compliance questions from the accreditors, demonstrating an efficient vendor compliance program is in place.


Dashboards create accountability by showing you exactly where your trouble areas are and arm you with the information you need to drive improvement. By making dashboards visible throughout the facility, it holds departments accountable for vendor compliance. And, it also reduces the amount of time it takes to compile reports, saving you time.

In this eBook, you can look at symplr's dashboards and how they can provide actionable metrics for facility administrators to keep their finger on the pulse of their vendor compliance initiatives.

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