Transforming Practice Management into Practice Performance

Whether your specialty is practice management, payer enrollment, credentialing, or billing, you play a critical role in sustaining your organization. But shifting your focus to practice performance will enable you to supercharge your contributions and increase revenue. Listen in to Team Med Global’s Donna Goestenkors, Marian Durgolo, Nicole Keller, and Larry DeHoyos as they explain how to take your organization to the next level.






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After listening to this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe the links between federal regulations, reimbursements, and a practice's revenue cycle.

  • Identify daily, weekly, and monthly metrics that can be used to measure performance.

  • Explain 3 approaches that can be used to educate physicians about practice performance.


About the speaker, Donna Goestenkors

Donna Goestenkors is a healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor who possesses over 42 years of knowledge and experience that she is privileged to share with colleagues and administrative and medical staff leaders on issues pertinent to the medical staff services industry. Her expertise is diverse and penetrates into all healthcare locations and environments (i.e., coast to coast, system, academic, community and critical access hospitals, Credentials Verification Organizations, Managed Care Organizations, group and solo practice settings). Her talent in leading Medical Staff Services Professionals (MSPs) to their greatest level of competence garners Donna great respect among her colleagues within the industry.

About the speaker, Marian Durgolo, CPCS, OHCC, PESC

Marian Durgolo is a seasoned Practice Administrator and Medical Staff Services Professional who has been in the healthcare arena for over thirty years. Her career began in 1976 with one of the largest quality review organizations in New York State responsible for credentialing, meeting planning and corporate travel. In 1999 her career focused soley on medical staff services and in 2007 a career change as a Practice Administrator responsible for the operational management of a large anesthesia practice in Florida. Marian holds certifications as a Certified Professional Credentialing Specialist (CPCS), and as a Healthcare Compliance Officer (OHCC). She has been a member of NAMSS since 1999 and has served on various NAMSS Committees through the years, and currently serves on the NAMSS Finance Committee. Marian currently serves on the Strategic Plan Development team with Team Med Global Healthcare Consulting and also serves on their Practice Management Subject Matter Expert team. Additionally, she is involved in the development of educational sessions for Practice Management Directors and Administrators employed with her current employer.

About the speaker, Nicole Keller, MSHM, CPHQ, CPHIT

Nicole Keller, MSHM, CPHQ, CPHIT, CSM is a Corporate Quality Assurance Officer with Incyte Diagnostics, Inc. She provides leadership and oversight in the areas of technical and professional quality assurance and improvement, compliance, hospital credentialing and privileging, medical licenses and certification, and payer enrollment. Nicole’s additional areas of expertise include human resources, payer   hospital contracting, population health, practice group management, project management, group leadership and facilitation, and building high functioning teams.