symplr Education Series Webinar

Increase Value-Based Payments by Tracking Social Determinants of Health

There is a growing recognition that medical care alone cannot address everything that actually makes us sick. Programs outside the realm of hospitals or payers are mostly responsible for assisting patients with nutrition, housing, transportation, and other essentials of daily life.

However, we must also remain focused on the social determinants that perpetuate poor health at the community level to avoid re-admissions and other recurring costs. Doing so is less expensive than repeat healthcare services for the highest-cost patients. The incentive for demonstrating your organization's focus on social determinants of health, by tracking outcomes, could be increased payments. Join us for a discussion to learn more.

In this webinar we cover:

  • The definition of social determinants and the five categories they fall under
  • Tracking and measuring social determinants
  • Why social determinants are important in value-based care and payment

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Learning Objectives:

  • Define what is meant by social determinants in healthcare and cite the five widely accepted domains into which social determinants fall.
  • Cite specific examples of social determinants of health that perpetuate poor healthcare quality and inequity at the community level.
  • Describe the role of technology in addressing social determinants of health.
  • Explain how intervention programs based on social determinants return financial value to a healthcare organization.

Meet The Speaker

Joni Orand, Senior Solution Consultant

Joni has worked in the healthcare industry for twenty-eight years in both managed care and hospital environments, working with providers and staff gaining unparalleled experience in all aspects of provider management and quality improvement initiatives. She holds a degree in Corporate Communications, with minors in Interpersonal Communication and International Studies in Communications. Joni is a certified trainer, speaker, and coach, and is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they develop quality improvement plans. Currently working as a Senior Solution Consultant for symplr, Joni speaks as a Subject Matter Expert at industry events.