Reasons to Automate: How to be an MSP Rockstar

Once upon a time the role of MSP was based on a task-driven format. Today it has evolved into a project management leadership position - working in ever-growing, diverse healthcare settings. They must be a jack of many trades - demonstrating knowledge about different accreditation standards and Federal and State laws, as well as be remote and on-site experts about organizational policies and practices.

As with many professions in today’s digitally-driven world, technology is now present throughout all aspects of their work and interactions. Specifically, the automation of processes in healthcare is influencing and impacting an MSP’s work and their continued success in their role.

Are you ready to become an MSP Rock Star? Then download this webcast where we’ll fill you in on the secret to rocking it as an MSP!

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During this webcast archive we cover:

  • Business process automation (BPA) theory - what is it and how can you be awesome at it?
  • Rise above the rest: connecting BPA with MSP core competencies in a way that will set you apart